Student Life

Student Life

As a student at ELC, which forms part of the University of Cape Town (UCT), you will be exposed to the exciting and stimulating world of campus life. This includes gaining access to the many clubs, societies, and community service programmes on offer at the university, which is rated as Africa's number-one university.

We encourage you to explore the different campuses, which you can visit by taking the university 'Jamie Shuttle' bus. By taking full advantage of the offerings at UCT available to you as an ELC student, you will be able to immerse yourself in a new culture and, of course, the English language.

ELC also offers a number of fun activities as part of its social programme, exposing international students to unique experiences in this beautiful city, in addition to giving them opportunities to practise English outside the classroom in real-life contexts.



Located in the heart of Cape Town, the Hiddingh Campus is a satellite campus of the University of Cape Town and contains some of the oldest educational buildings in South Africa.  ELC shares the campus with the departments of Drama and Fine Art.

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Cape Town

As well as welcoming millions of tourists and travellers each year, Cape Town is also the most popular destination for students in Africa, combining a vibrant social life with spectacular scenery, a host of adventure activities, globally renowned cuisine and modern urban living.

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Our Language Excursions programme is a brilliant option for ELC students wishing to practise English outside of the classroom with native speakers to supplement their General English course. Students can also mingle with their peers in one of our many memorable social programme activities.

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Activities and Excursions

At ELC, you won't just be learning in the classroom. You'll also have the opportunity to sign up for 'Language Excursions' - an exciting programme where students are immersed in the English language by engaging in diverse activities around Cape Town. You could be listening to a street artist talking about his craft, or engaging with a local chef. Teachers join every tour.

The programme, a collaboration between ELC and Kurus English, is an ideal opportunity to listen to native English speakers and converse with them while indulging in unique cultural experiences.

In addition, ELC has an active social programme where students can socialise after class and engage in fun activities without a formal communicative element, such as soccer, kayaking, and hiking.

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Clubs and Societies

As an ELC student, you will be able to join any of UCT’s 100+ student societies, choosing whichever subject interests you – from academia and religion to politics and culture.

Membership of these societies is a great way to interact with native English speakers and practise your conversation and listening skills. It is also a good way to expand your knowledge base and provides an opportunity to experience day-to-day life in one of South Africa’s premium universities.

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