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The Bare Essentials of Bare Infinitives

Caution: this post contains references to nudity (ie ‘naked infinitives’). Learn what these are and how to use them without suffering from an attack of embarrassment.

21 Mar 2024

English Idioms about Happiness

It’s International Happiness Day this month, so we’re sharing some common, quirky, and downright crazy English expressions about… you guessed it… happiness!

14 Mar 2024

Confusing English Words

English is full of word pairs that leave students dazed and confused. Check out our post on how to get to grips with one of these duplicitous duos!

08 Mar 2024

How to talk about love in English

March is here, but before we bid February adieu, we thought we’d leave you with some swoon-worthy phrases about ‘amore’ in honour of the ‘month of love’.

01 Mar 2024

Top Tips for Cape Town Visitors

In the third issue of ELC’s Student Newsletter, our Advanced English students share their top tried-and-tested tips to make your stay in Cape Town as memorable and enjoyable as possible.

26 Feb 2024

Extra, extra! Read all about it!

Welcome to the second issue of ELC’s student newsletter, written by ELC’s very own English students. In this edition, they share some enlightening tips about living in Cape Town, including must-do activities. They also give us the lowdown on important things to know before your trip to the Mother City.

25 Jan 2024

Another year… Other grammar!

Happy 2024 to all our readers! We wish you joy, success, and impeccable grammar this year! To help get your year off to a good start, we explore common mistakes students make with that deceptively simple word: ‘other’.

11 Jan 2024

Learning English with ChatGPT

There’s been a lot of excitement about how ChatGPT can be used to improve students’ English. In this post, we put these claims to the test.

30 Dec 2023

New Year’s Resolutions & How to Stick to Them

‘Tis the season to be jolly – and then regret it in January. Learn about some common phrases to do with New Year’s Resolutions, plus some handy tips to make sure you stay on-track with yours!

14 Dec 2023

Quick ‘n easy recipes for students

Studying English doesn’t always leave much time for creating extravagant meals. But we’ve got you. With our tips, you’ll be whipping up yummy dishes with minimal fuss and cost. You’ll also pick up some useful vocabulary at the same time. Bonus!

17 Nov 2023

It’s Q&A time!

In the first of our regular student profiles, ELC’s friendly Diana Cortes Moreno from Colombia answers our questions about living and studying in the fair Cape.

10 Oct 2023

How to, like, use like in English

If you don’t like how confusing ‘like’ is in English, fear not. You’re just one click away from understanding how to use this sometimes unlikeable English word.

04 Oct 2023

Student Newsletter Edition #1

At ELC, we place a strong emphasis on developing writing skills. We’re pretty proud of our students, who put together the very first ELC student newsletter, sharing their news and views. Check it out here.

13 Sep 2023

Avoid this IELTS Writing Mistake!

Planning on taking IELTS soon? Then you absolutely must read this post to learn about one of the most common IELTS writing mistakes, and improve your IELTS writing score!

31 Aug 2023

Cape Town on a Shoestring

From animal encounters to action-packed scooter rides, we’ve rounded up a list of bucket list activities in Cape Town that won’t break the bank.

26 Aug 2023