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Language Excursions

ELC, in collaboration with Kurus English, are proud to offer a unique experiential learning programme, which we call Language Excursions. Kurus English has been offering this experience since 2008.

The Language Excursions are out-of-classroom communication classes, where your teacher becomes your language guide. This promotes, encourages and links the practice of English through social, historical and cultural interactions.

The Language Excursions are flexible and co-ordinate with actual events in Cape Town, whenever possible and/or desirable. These excursions give you the unique opportunity of improving your English while meeting and encountering the people, the energy and the diversity of Cape Town.

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Language Excursions

The Language Excursions take place three afternoons a week and can only be combined with a Standard General English or IELTS course (20 lessons) in the morning.

  • Quick Guide
  • General English Mon to Fri 9:00 – 12:50
  • Language Excursions Tues to Thurs 13:50 – 16:10
  • Lessons per week 30
  • Levels Pre-Int to Advanced
  • Coursebook Included
  • Start Date Every Monday
  • Minimum Age 16

Course Curriculum

Each excursion has a different theme. Before each excursion, we provide authentic, relevant language materials to prepare you for your real life adventure.

  • Learning Outcomes
  • Meeting the people of Cape Town
  • Conversing with English speakers
  • Combining theory with practice
  • Building intercultural competence
  • Becoming international communicators
  • Building the confidence to speak fluently
  • Using English in real-life contexts
  • Practising social English


“Kurus” is a word in Nama, the language of the Khoi, the indigenous people of Africa. Humankind, as far as we know, has its roots and origins in Africa. Our roots lead back to the Khoi and the San. The South African motto is “Unity and Diversity” written in Nama and to have this ancient African name in the Nama language fits perfectly into our concept of language, culture and discovery.

Kurus in English means “creation“ and furthermore, “things made, especially by means of skill or intelligence; out of nothing, only from inside”.

Successful, foreign language learning requires high self-motivation and a strong sense of the learner’s autonomy: although guided and supported by our teachers, essentially language is “created” by the individual “by means of skill and intelligence” and “from the inside”.

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The ability to speak a foreign language confidently, to feel comfortable with a diverse group of people, and to understand different cultures are essential in today's world.

Practising the English that you learn in the classroom outside of the classroom is the most important way that you can improve your English.  Similarly, listening to native speakers works wonders for your listening skill.

Communication isn't just about language - it includes body language, an understanding of different cultures, and insight into a wide variety of customs.

Course Costs per Week 
All GE and IELTS Preparation courses

Lessons per week 30 Lessons
1-3 Weeks R 9 830
4-7 Weeks R 9 590

Bildungsurlaub / Educational Leave

This course is approved for Bildungsurlaub. Book now to improve your language skills and enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience in Cape Town.

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