View from the Yellow House balcony
View from the balcony at the Yellow House - our student accommodation

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 Student Accommodation

Your living arrangements are an important consideration when planning your trip to Cape Town.  ELC offers various accommodation options to suit any budget or preference.

If you are looking to meet other students in a fun and sociable environment our Student Residence, known as the Yellow House, is the right choice for you. Located in historic Bokaap, the Yellow House is perfect if you want to live independently and interact with other students from all over the world.  Our Adderley Street Apartments will suit you if you prefer a quieter and more private living arrangement. These apartments include private bathrooms and fully equipped kitchenette.

Homestay is available for students who want to learn about South African life and culture. Homestay gives you an opportunity to live with a local family and to practice English with native speakers in a real-life environment. We also work with local providers to offer co-living suites, aparthotels, hotels and guesthouses. Whether you seek community, independence, or cultural exploration, ELC has the ideal accommodation option for you.

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Kitchen in the Yellow House

The Yellow House

Our student residence is located in Bokaap, one of the oldest and most historic areas of Cape Town, and has amazing views over Cape Town, Lion’s Head and Table Mountain. You will be staying in the heart of one of the most popular tourist attractions in Cape Town, with picturesque, brightly painted terraced houses and a captivating and exotic ambiance. Additionally, the residence offers modern facilities, creating a comfortable and convenient living environment for students.

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Staying with a homestay family is a wonderful way to develop your English outside of the classroom. This language-immersion experience provides the opportunity to hear and use natural English through real conversations. We work with the best Cape Town hosts to provide comfortable accommodation and an enjoyable stay. Additionally, homestays offer a glimpse into local culture and daily life, fostering a deeper connection to the community.

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Adderley Studios

Our studio apartments provide a seamless blend of compact living spaces and functional design. These units feature an all-in-one layout, combining living, sleeping, and cooking areas within a single room. The convenience of a private bathroom and a small kitchenette offers extra independence. Studio apartments are a popular choice for individuals seeking an efficient and cost-effective living arrangement without compromising comfort.

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Co-living Suites

Co-living suites are contemporary living spaces that blend personal accommodation with shared communal areas, offering furnished rooms and a chance to join a community of similar travelers. Co-living suites focus on creating a community. Guests have private quarters and can use shared spaces like kitchens, living rooms, and co-working areas. This setup encourages social interaction and the chance to connect with fellow residents, appealing to those wanting both privacy and a lively community vibe.

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ApartHotels combine hotel convenience with apartment comfort. They provide self-contained units with kitchens, living spaces, and private bedrooms. What sets ApartHotels apart is their versatile lodging, offering independence similar to apartments alongside hotel services like housekeeping, front desk help, gyms, dining, and laundry. This hybrid caters to travelers desiring homey comfort and hotel amenities, making ApartHotels suitable for both short visits and longer stays.

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Hotels & Guesthouses

We also partner with hotels and guesthouses near the school for short stays, catering to different preferences and budgets. Hotels offer luxurious rooms, dining variety, and extras like spas and meeting spaces. Guesthouses give a cozier, intimate feel, often in charming historic buildings. Both provide a convenient starting point to explore Cape Town, accommodating various travel styles and tastes.


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