Happy Students 🙂

SInce we opened in 2016, ELC has welcomed thousands of students from over 100 countries.  Here’s what some of them had to say about their experience.

Francesca, Italy

I chose to attend my English course at the ELC of the UCT, where I found a very international atmosphere and I met many of my closest friends. …I found a very interesting and serious course, and I was very happy about the well trained and experienced teachers, able to involve me in the lessons choosing topical issues and modern and dynamic methods of teaching.



Loick, Brazzaville

To be honest, ELC is for me a second house, not only because of its facilities, but because of its organisation, education and people that I’ve met there. Everything is very well, its doors are open for students at any time and you cannot study at ELC and return to your home as you came. It’s just a special place.


Luis, Chile

In my humble opinion, Our teachers are very patient with us and the way to teach is very nice and clear to understand. They are highly qualified and completely committed to providing the best quality of learning. Clearly the improvement depends of each student, because we all don’t have the same rate of learning. But for me, they are the best that I’ve had. The classrooms are comfortable and the student’s number in each class is good. Thank you.



Beyza, Turkey

In my first weeks I was so shy but I found all teachers so friendly and funny. When I got used to school and Cape Town, everything seemed to me more beautiful and exciting and also I benefited my lessons more.


Chise, Japan

This 4 weeks were really great. I could enjoy very much. Teachers taught me English from a variety of angles. It was very helpful. If there is a next time, I want to learn English at this school. Thank you so much!



Pam, Netherlands

All the teachers are highly educated, open minded and are teaching in an inspiring way. The management team is flexible and supportive and helped me with my visa. I also learned more of the culture in South Africa through the combination of the school trips.


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