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Man on the bus

Getting Out and About

One major advantage of studying English in Cape Town is that you can combine your studies with exploring this famously stunning city. Master the ins and outs of getting around the Mother City with our top tips.

13 Jan 2022

Present Perfect Made Easier

What do Rihanna and Present Perfect have in common? Find out in this post, which shares top tips on how to master this tense once and for all with common phrases you can start using right away.

06 Sep 2021

Fake News Views

Many of us have heard the phrase, “Fake news.” But where does it come from and should we be concerned?

27 Aug 2021

Fast-track your English

We know that learning English can be hard. That’s why we’ve compiled expert tips to help you figure out how to go about the learning process and reach your goals faster.

25 Aug 2021

Person holds up three olympic medals

Win Gold in English

Boost your English and feel inspired with 3 phenomenal athlete stories from this year’s Olympic Games.

20 Aug 2021

Student sits behind a laptop on a bed

Master Transition Signals

Transition signals fall into several broad categories. In this post, I’ll be analysing a few key types using texts about well-known figures.

30 Jul 2021

Person opens LinkedIn app on their phone

Get Noticed on LinkedIn

With global members pushing 800 million, LinkedIn is a prime piece of real estate for your personal brand. So why would you build a tiny cottage on it when you can build a Penthouse? One way to do that is by constructing a stand-out LinkedIn Headline.

21 Jul 2021

Student takes notes in front of a computer

Paraphrase like a pro

Paraphrasing is the art of putting ideas that you have read into your own words. In this post, we give you paraphrasing strategies to improve your academic writing.

06 Jul 2021

A smiling student makes notes while seated in front of a laptop with a garden in the background

Mastering topic sentences

Topic sentences are like the road signs that enable the reader to navigate an essay. They guide the reader, helping them understand the direction of each paragraph.

01 Jul 2021

Student taking notes while studying from a text book

Sound Smarter with Collocations

Need to use Academic English for essays, reports, presentations, etcetera, but finding it a slog? Move over to the fast lane. In this post, we explain what academic collocations are and why they’re so effective in academic writing.

21 Jun 2021

Woman typing on their laptop

3 Top Tips for a Winning Cover Letter

Let’s be honest. Many of us ignore the poor, neglected cover letter. It’s the résumé/CV’s less attractive, less accomplished sibling. But a cover letter deserves some kudos because a well-written one can go a long way in getting you off your couch and into that interview room. Read on for tips.

10 Jun 2021

Student studying outside

Academic Vocabulary

Only have five minutes to study Academic English? No biggie. Check in here regularly for our bite-size vocabulary series. This post focuses on three must-know Academic English adjectives that convey amounts and influence.

09 Jun 2021

A whale breaching along the South African coast

4 Sizzling Things to do in Cape Town in Winter (according to locals)

Winter. Time to laze on the couch all day and stare at the wall, right? Wrong! Winter is a fabulous time to explore the Mother City. Just read what these proudly pro-Cape Town locals have to say about their favourite winter activities in the mother of all cities.

07 Jun 2021

Woman interviews a job candidate

Ways to ace a job interview

Well done, you got an interview, which is a great opportunity. This means you wrote a great CV and the company are interested in you as a potential employee. Now, it is up to you to charm them into giving you a job. Here are three ways to make a great impression in an interview.

01 Jun 2021

Person listening to music through a headset

Learn English Through Music

Music is uplifting, energising, and inspiring. Basically, it makes us happy. It’s also a super fun resource that you can use to improve your English.

10 May 2021

Two people shop for produce at the Oranjezicht Farm Market

Cape Town’s Bohemian Lifestyle

Cape Town is a cosmopolitan mix of cultures, and it is also famous for its counter cultural lifestyle. Think yoga and meditation, flowing skirts and designer jewellery, vegan snacks, and the healing arts. Check out the vibe in this selection of places and experiences in the Mother City.

29 Apr 2021

Woman giving a presentation to their colleagues

Professional Phrases for Presentations

Professional Phrases for Presentations We have compiled a collection of useful professional phrases to help you to present like a pro. Remember the KISS rule: Keep It Short and Simple….

14 Apr 2021

Two women having a conversation over coffee

Quick Tips: How to use the Present Perfect

You have probably studied this tense a few times over but might still find it confusing to use. This is because it doesn’t exist in some languages or it is used differently.

So when must you use present perfect and when must you use past simple?

The present perfect is used to talk about:

30 Mar 2021