Strictly speaking, volunteering is an activity whereby people devote their time or skills to non-profit organisations, community outreach projects and other organisations who aim to help/uplift/empower the vulnerable and/or less fortunate members of a community, including animals. 
There is, however, an increasing demand for people to be able to couple their philanthropic activities with a desire to learn about and experience a destination, much like a holiday. In this context, volunteering has an additional element – tourism.

ELC has partnered with ‘Volunteering Cape Town’, a sole proprietary based in the beautiful town of Hout Bay. They provide accommodation and transport (or partner with a company such as Uber for transport). They also partner with the projects/organizations that they send volunteers to. These are all registered NGOs. Volunteering Cape Town provides the NGOs with volunteers, donations for every volunteer and other services when they can, such as moving, fundraising etc. 

In other words, Volunteering Cape Town provide a holiday – where people have a holiday and volunteer at the same time. Its a 50/50 balance. They are normally people who want to get a little deeper into the community than just visit all the usual tourist spots.

Tourists who opt to visit Hout Bay as volunteers have the best of both worlds. They experience the sense of self-worth that comes from giving, whilst at the same time partaking of all that Hout Bay and Cape Town have to offer. 

You can contact them directly via their website,
via email or;
phone Cell: +27 82 337 5250 / Office: +27 21 791 0629.

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