COVID-19 Information

Our COVID-19 Safety Measures

The University of Cape Town takes the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic to the University community very seriously, and has implemented a range of measures to control an minimise infections.

Mask Up!

It is the law in South Africa that masks must be worn in public at all times.  All staff, students and visitors at UCT must wear a mask when in class or around the campus.  UCT provides masks free of charge if required.


Bottles of personal sanitizer are provided to students free of charge and 'no-touch' sanitizing stations are available at the door of each classroom.

Access Control

Access to campus is strictly controlled to prevent transmission of the virus.  All UCT staff, students and visitors must complete a daily healthcheck to make sure they have no possible COVID symptoms.

Social Distancing

All classrooms are arranged so that students sit at least 1.5m apart and classroom capacity is reduced by 50%.  All rooms are fitted with adequate ventilation.

Safe Study Envoronment

From January 2022 all staff and students at the University of Cape Town will be required to be vaccinated.

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