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A woman stands at a podium delivering a presentation

10 Presentation Tips from US Presidents

10 Presentation Tips from US Presidents These are some presentation tips to help you give an effective presentation in English. Who better to learn from than well-known figures in the…

30 Mar 2021

A smiling person holding their resume

An effective guide to CV Writing

A Guide to Writing an Effective CV “CV” stands for Curriculum Vitae, which loosely translates from Latin as ‘the course of your life’. It includes a brief account of your…

10 Mar 2021

Language Excursions

General English Plus Language Excursions Our new Language Excursions programme , introduced in January 2021, is a collaboration between the UCT English Language Centre and Kurus English. Kurus English developed this…

05 Mar 2021

Summer vibes in Cape Town

Summer vibes in Cape Town Soak up the sunshine on one of the beaches around Cape Town. If you are out exploring, take a hat and bikini or swimming shorts…

20 Dec 2020

Student writing under lockdown

Student writing under lockdown Respect to the students who spent lockdown in South Africa and embraced the opportunity to study online. They maintained positive energy, supported each other and shared…

20 Dec 2020

Student sits on their bed with a laptop learning English at home

Learning English at home: as easy as ABC

Learning English at home: as easy as ABC An A-Z is a comprehensive guide that lists ideas in alphabetical order. Here is our A-Z to make the most of your …

30 Nov 2020

Five Tips for Effective Meetings

A meeting is the most efficient way of sharing information with a team. Or is it? In the past, meetings were extremely formal and held according to strict rules. In my view, meetings have become too informal in recent years. As a consequence, they are long, boring and do not lead to decisive action.

03 Mar 2020

A wide picture of Clifton Beach in Cape Town, South Africa at late afternoon in a beautiful sunset. Colorful and satured taken with a Canon 6

Meet the locals in Cape Town

Some students come all the way to Cape Town and stick with people from their own country. We encourage you to go out to explore the city (if necessary, together!). Live and learn and meet awesome people along the way.

16 Dec 2019

Reading Strategies for IELTS

IELTS test designers often give True/False/Not given questions in the reading test to check your understanding and to make your life difficult. The good news is that the steps outlined below will help in answering these question types more quickly and accurately.

18 Nov 2019

Shot of a happy family having lunch out in the backyard

Try South African food in Cape Town

Explore Cape Town’s rich cultural history through its food. Find out about authentic local dishes – from our aromatic curries to delicious desserts. Tasting traditional African, Cape Malay and Afrikaans cuisine is an essential experience on your travels in South Africa.

08 Nov 2019

Group of student volunteers planting tree in park

Volunteer in South Africa

Volunteering is a great way to mingle with locals, work to learn and to make a positive impact on the world. Contrary to the idea that one has to pay to volunteer, there are many ways to contribute. We’ve put together some ideas to inspire you to take action.

18 Oct 2019

Group of people listening to a presentation speech.

4 Key Tips for an Excellent Presentation

Many presenters feel that they are of utmost importance, because they are in the spotlight. However, if you focus the attention on the audience instead, it is more likely that the presentation will go well.

14 Oct 2019

The Importance of English in the Workplace

Global business has adopted English as its lingua franca – the conventional language to use between speakers whose first languages are different. While these languages have been around for centuries, what makes English as a lingua franca unique is that it is used for this purpose both functionally and geographically.

04 Oct 2019

Stronger Topic Sentences

A strong essay flows easily. The reader is guided smoothly from one idea to the next. For this to happen, certain things need to be in place. Always refer to the essay question and answer it directly in the introduction, body and conclusion. Here, I will discuss the structure of the body paragraphs.

25 Sep 2019

Home Away From Home

Moving to a new city, even for a short time, is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. However, not being able to communicate with locals, navigating a town you’ve never been to and coming home to an empty apartment isn’t exactly the experience you are hoping for when you travel abroad. Why not choose to stay with a family to help you make the most of living in an exotic new location?

05 Sep 2019

Writing Paragraphs

In this blog, I will discuss the structure of a well-written paragraph. By ‘main body paragraphs’ I mean the paragraphs in the middle of the essay, not the introduction or conclusion. First, I’ll talk about writing with the audience in mind. Then we’ll break down a paragraph so that you can see what the structure should be. Finally, I’ll talk about specific language to guide the reader.

30 Aug 2019

How to Get a Good Score in your IELTS Essay (Writing Task 2)

The IELTS essay (Writing Task 2) is about constructing an argument. In this blog, I will specifically deal with Task Achievement (one of the criteria set by the Exam Board) because we often see students who write well, but still don’t achieve the magic 7 for their writing. Mostly, it is because the question has not been answered.

22 Aug 2019

Writing Professional Emails

If you use English in your job, there’s no way you can avoid sending emails in English. Writing professional emails can be scary if English isn’t your first language. But here are a few tips to help you write excellent formal correspondence.

09 Aug 2019

IELTS Pre-reading strategies

Students who take the IELTS reading exam often make the mistake of trying to read the whole text from start to finish, and then don’t have enough time to answer all the questions. In this blog Christelle outlines some strategies for overcoming this problem.

07 Aug 2019