Student Reviews

Review Abdulhakim_Yemen

Students may spend anything between 2 weeks and one year with us, but we strive to treat every student equally. As each student leaves us, we request that they complete a questionnaire requesting information on their experience of the teaching, the school and campus, their accommodation, the social programme and their overall impression of the UCT English Language Centre. Student reviews are exceptionally important to us so that we maintain the highest standards of teaching and the overall experience of a student, which in turn contributes to their stay in Cape Town, as a whole. It is in our interest that our students learn the most they possibly can, and have the best time here. We want them to leave happy. 

Since inception, the UCT English language Centre has received almost 100% positive reviews pertaining to teaching, the school and campus. Issues surrounding accommodation such as inconsistent wifi is something we are working on. In addition, the quetionnaire highlighted the need for students’ own cooking utensils as a shared approach was not working. We immediately implemented the changes and stocked each bedroom with it’s own set of cooking utensils. 

Student feedback is invaluable, and helps us to improve in every way we can.