School and Class Photos

View this gallery for photos of the students and by the students on campus, in class or on class outings.

Teacher Luke's Class

School and Class Photos – Learning English with experienced and qualified teachers does not mean sitting in class day in and day out and training grammar with no smiles in sight! On the contrary. Our teachers take on an active and supportive role in helping students improve their English and they do so in a number of ways, including class outings where students regularly get to go out with the teacher and practice/learn the language in context. Some of these excursions include visits to museums, or sightseeing of historical places of interest in Cape Town. Other excursions will include contextual settings which are chosen specifically for the target language learning concepts, such as shopping, or going to a restaurant with the teacher to practice ordering food in a real-life setting, for example. Other, more novel ways to learn can be seen when students attend Game Show sessions with teacher Nicole in the evenings, or go to PechaKucha with teacher Christelle on specific dates in the evenings. 

In the classroom, however, teachers make use of our modern technology to enhance lessons and make them more interesting and interactive. Classes take on many different forms and desks/chairs are frequently re-arranged to suit the appropriate type of lesson taking place (e.g. group work) or separated for exam and test writing purposes. Classes never exceed 12 students and one teacher, and if this is the case then classes are split to ensure that a maximum 12:1 student:teacher ratio is maintained.
Although teachers and staff regularly meet ad hoc to discuss any situations that may arise or pass on advice and guidance to one another, Friday afternoons are spent in formal teacher meetings where things such as student progress, course book material, administration and other issues are discussed. After the meeting, teachers are invited to attend further training in which industry breakthroughs, news, ideas, strategies and information are presented and discussed.

Being a student on UCT’s Hiddingh Campus means students are placed right in the city and close to all amenities, restaurants, banks, shops, bars, etc. If you enjoy architecture, then you will also enjoy the beautiful old buildings on this campus which are home to drama and fine art students. Hiddingh campus also boasts spectacular views of Table Mountain – a kindly reminder of the beautiful city you have chosen to learn English in.

We hope you enjoy these pictures, most of which were taken by the students and/ or staff themselves.