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UCT English language Centre Travelling South Africa from Cape Town

Travelling South Africa from Cape Town

Even though cape Town is the best city in South Africa (we are biased, of course), there are so many spectacularly beautiful places to discover in the rest of the country. The question is, what are the options for travelling out of Cape Town to see the rest of these amazing places? We explore some modes of transport for travelling within South Africa in this blog post.

26 Apr 2018

How can WhatsApp help you learn English?

Is it really possible to learn English with whatsapp? The answer is yes, and we show you how this is relevant at the UCT English Language Centre! A very special shout out to our past students who still send us wonderful greetings from afar!

20 Apr 2018

long distance relaitonships \ UCT English Language Centre

Finding Love in Cape Town

Students from all over the world come to our English school with the intention of learning English, and exploring Cape Town. Most of our students achieve this. But some get the added bonus of falling in love! We have written a blog post in honour of all the love birds at our school, and provide some simple tips for easing the challenge of a long distance relationship. We also highlight all the really amazing things about cross-cultural and -linguistic relationships that share English as the only thing in common.

06 Apr 2018

Learning English Faster | UCT English language Centre

Learning English Faster

Learning a new language can be time-consuming and exhausting, at times. Teacher Luke provides you with 3 simple tips for speeding up your English learning.

29 Mar 2018

English exams UCT English Language Centre

English Exams – Which One is for Me?

There are so many different types of English Exams out there, it can be difficult to decide which one is best for you. We summarise the most popular choices offered at the UCT English Language Centre here.

26 Mar 2018

Business English UCT English Language Centre

Unlocking Your Potential – Why you should study Business English

“If you feel ‘locked out’ of opportunities at work, UCT ELC may just have the key you need. You see, here at our campus in the shade of Cape Town’s famous mountain, you will find exceptional teachers delivering courses that have real and measurable results.”

16 Mar 2018

Maintaining English levels Back Home | UCT English Language Centre

Practising English Back Home

How can you ensure that all the progress you have made during your course is not lost when you go back home? We have summarised some basic tips here for you to use to try and maintain your English level once your course is over.

08 Mar 2018

Learner Styles| Learn English at UCT English Language Centre

What Kind of Learner are you?

Not everyone is the same. And in the EFL classroom, we also recognise that different people learn more effectively in different ways. Discover what type of learner you are in this blog post.

16 Feb 2018

Student Stories UCT English Language Centre_Mohsen_Profile

Student Stories | Mohsen from Saudi Arabia

Students are always looking for information about what they can expect if they book a course in Cape Town at ELC. The student stories series provides real feedback, from real students – unedited and authentic! Read about Mohsen’s experience here. Sneak peak: “36. What has been your best memory in Cape Town so far? – Meet the other half of my soul, an unexpected love has kindled.”

02 Feb 2018

Sean UCT English Language Centre miembros del personal y profesores

Why you Can’t Learn English in a Week

” The truth is that you will spend a lifetime learning a language, even if it’s your mother tongue. ” Teacher Sean explains why you can’t expect to learn English, or any language for that matter fast. He also provides some information on how long you can realistically expect to take to move through the levels.

22 Dec 2017

Student Stories | Kanon in Front of Table Mountain

Student Stories | Kanon from Japan

Part 3 of the Student Stories Series! Read what wonderfully funny and quirky Kanon from Japan had to say about her time in Cape Town and learning English at ELC!

01 Dec 2017

Cape Town Travel Check List English School Cape Town

Cape Town Travel Checklist

Are you planning on heading to Cape Town to learn English at a local English school? We have put together a little check list to help make sure you don’t forget some of the most important things before you head for the airport!

24 Nov 2017

Dress for TEFL Success | UCT English Language Centre | Quote

Dress for TEFL Success

Teaching English as a Foreign Language means you get to meet a whole host of different, interesting people from all over the world. But this type of cultural interaction also means that you must always consider your audience and be culturally sensitive. Teacher and TEFL trainer, Christelle, explores this topic in relation to clothing and provides some tips!

17 Nov 2017

Passion Versus Pay | UCT English Language Centre

Passion vs. Paycheck

Aqeelah, one of our newest teachers at ELC shares her thoughts on the TEFL industry and the challenges around money when you decide to pursue a career as an English teacher.

10 Nov 2017

Staff | UCT English Language Centre

Delta – Teacher Jerome Shares his Reactions

Jerome on his Delta Module 2: “It would be a gross understatement to say that Delta Module 2 was a roller-coaster ride of emotions. But it was also a life-changing experience. It made me see the possibilities in my chosen field; made me see myself as a professional, as much as a lawyer or a doctor is a professional. I strongly believe that every practising teacher in ELT should have a Delta (or equivalent).”

26 Oct 2017

UCT English Language Centre Cape Town | Student Stories | Galina from Russia

Student Stories | Galina from Russia

Part 2 of the Student Stories Series! Read what our Russian princess, Galina, had to say about her time in Cape Town and learning English at ELC.

20 Oct 2017

Opinion Based Essays | Exam preparation | UCT English Language Centre

How to Write an Opinion Based Essay

Writing essays, especially for exams, requires structure. Teacher Shannon provides some tips and strategies on writing an opinion based essay in this post.

13 Oct 2017