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Fun Activities to Boost your English

There are tons of outdoor activities in Cape Town that are not only fun, but a great way to improve your English. Get the full scoop here!

15 Aug 2023

Top Student Questions Answered!

Do you want to know how you can improve your English fluency? How to approach learning grammar? We answer some of students’ top questions about English learning here.

15 Aug 2023

Living in Cape Town: slang 101

Howzit bro! If you had no idea what I just said, and you’re eager to mingle with Cape Town locals, then be sure to check out this post on some useful local lingo.

27 Jul 2023

Top IELTS Writing Mistakes

Wondering how to improve your IELTS Writing score? Check out our post with professional tips to avoid common mistakes.

06 Jul 2023

Business English Phrases from Sport

Business and sport have a lot in common – competitiveness, teamwork… and English phrases. So, if you want to “knock it out of the park” at work, check out this post.

16 Jun 2023

Don’t say this… Say this!

Time to trade in those overused phrases for new ones that will make you sound so much more au naturel in English.

31 May 2023

IELTS Speaking: Friends and Family

Not sure how to prep for IELTS Speaking? Steal some ideas from our teachers, who share their own answers to common IELTS questions about the topic, ‘Friends and Family’.

08 May 2023

‘Murder Mystery’ and Modal Verbs

Welcome to our Murder Mystery Grammar Party, where you get to puff on your Sherlock Holmes e-cigarette (pipes are so 19th century) and solve a movie murder mystery using Past…

13 Apr 2023

Money, money, money!

Money… It makes the world go round. So naturally we talk about it pretty often. Instead of memorising lists of vocabulary about it though, we invite you to sit back, relax, and watch a series. Yes, really!

09 Feb 2023

Get to grips with the Third Conditional

If you’re a fan of this classic film, or if you haven’t watch it yet, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is a great movie for mastering the Third Conditional.

21 Jan 2023

Second Conditional according to Queen B

What do Beyoncé, the ultra-cool international superstar, and the not so ultra-cool grammar topic, the Second Conditional, have in common? Read this post to find out.

16 Jan 2023

Good Grammar Comes in Small Packages

In this second post in our new series about everyday English blunders, we focus on the small ways you can give your English a big boost.

11 Nov 2022

Man on the bus

Getting Out and About

One major advantage of studying English in Cape Town is that you can combine your studies with exploring this famously stunning city. Master the ins and outs of getting around the Mother City with our top tips.

13 Jan 2022

Present Perfect Made Easier

What do Rihanna and Present Perfect have in common? Find out in this post, which shares top tips on how to master this tense once and for all with common phrases you can start using right away.

06 Sep 2021

Fake News Views

Many of us have heard the phrase, “Fake news.” But where does it come from and should we be concerned?

27 Aug 2021

Fast-track your English

We know that learning English can be hard. That’s why we’ve compiled expert tips to help you figure out how to go about the learning process and reach your goals faster.

25 Aug 2021