• What are the admissions requirements for my degree course?
    • Each UCT Faculty sets its own admissions requirements for its individual degrees.  You can find the Undergraduate admissions requirements in the Undergraduate Prospectus and Postgraduate admissions requirements in the Faculty Postgraduate Handbooks.

      We are here to help! Please contact us if you have any questions about admission.

  • What is 'matriculation exemption'?
    • There is a legal minimum qualifications level – usually graduation from high school – to study at a South African University, and if you meet this minimum level the government will issue a certificate (known as a matric exemption certificate).  You can find what the level is for your country’s qualification system here. Your Faculty will show you how to apply for your certificate.

  • How much will my degree cost?
    • Fees for South African universities compare very favourably with university fees in other English-speaking countries. Each degree programme offers many different courses to choose from, and at the beginning of each year you will decide which of the courses on offer you want to do. Each course is priced individually, so you will not know exactly what it will cost until you have chosen. However, the average course fees for international students at UCT are US$9,000 per year for undergraduate degrees and US$7500 per year for taught Masters Programmes. Postgraduate research programmes, including PhD programmes, are substantially cheaper because International students on these programmes pay local fees. Students from countries in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) are also exempt from international fees, and students from other, non-SADC countries pay a discounted rate.

      To find out more, please check the Fees Handbook.

  • Are qualifications from UCT Internationally recognised?
    • Yes. As the top ranked university in Africa, UCT qualifications are recognised around the world.