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An innovative approach to learning English online from the University of Cape Town

Explore new ways of learning English
through guided, collaborative communication activities.

What will I gain from this programme?

The Collaborative Online Learning Programme is an approach to online language education that puts the student at the heart of the learning process.


Collaborate with your peers on
tasks and assignments.


Inform the selection of topics and
learning activities in your classes.


Speak English with clarity,
accuracy and confidence.


Write accurately and construct
an argument in the right style.


Listen and process
spoken English reliably.


Read and understand
English over various topics.

Young Arabic female student, wearing a hijab, sitting at a desk in her home working online using a laptop. She seems to be concentrated and glad.

What is Collaborative Online Learning?

Collaborative Online Learning is a new approach to learning a language online.  Using interactive group and project work, we create a dynamic and authentic learning environment for learners to participate in and to learn together.

How do the lessons work?

Each lesson in the Collaborative Online Learning Programme is divided into four stages:

A mature student eats her breakfast while she studies online. She is paying attention to the screen and smiling.

When are the classes?

The programme can be taken two days a week (part-time) or five days a week (full-time), with different timetable options to suit students’ schedules and time zones.  Each lesson is approximately four hours long (including breaks) and is comprised of four fifty-minute sessions.

Individual preparation Completed offline in own time 1-2 hours per cycle
Timetable A (Morning)
Collaborative 10:00 11:40 100 minutes
Break 1 11:40 12:00 20 minutes
Teacher-led 12:00 12:50 50 minutes
Break 2 12:50 13h00 10 mintutes
Post-lesson tutorials 13:00 13:50 50 minutes
Timetable B (Afternoon)
Collaborative 15:00 16:40 100 minutes
Break 1 16:40 17:00 20 minutes
Teacher-led 17:00 17:50 50 minutes
Break 2 17:50 18h00 10 mintutes
Post-lesson tutorials 18:00 18:50 50 minutes
A mobile phone with the Google Classroom app home page is displayed in the foreground. A student's workspace with a computer and desk lamp is displayed int the background. Four students appear on the computer screen in a Google Meet hangout.

What platform and tools does it use?

The programme uses Google Classroom as its primary online learning environment. Classroom is a powerful resource that integrates video conferencing with a range of collaborative tools from G-Suite and third party apps. Lesson materials are stored on a shared Google Drive and can be accessed by students at any time. The platform acts as an online learning hub for effective communication and streamlined sharing of classroom documents and assignments.

Course Part Time Full Time
Days per week 2 days 5 days
1-3 weeks1 5303 820
4-7 weeks1 4503 620
8-11 weeks1 3803 440
12-23 weeks1 2303 070
24+ weeks1 1202 780

How much does it cost?

The Programme is priced in student weeks, comprising five Collaborative Online Learning cycles for the full time programme and two cycles for the part time programme.

Registration Fee: 750

The UCT Language Centre will be closed over all South African public holidays.

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