The English for Academic Purposes, EAP,  course is a non-credit bearing course open to all students who wish to improve their level of academic English Language.

There are two components: (i) Reading and writing, and (ii) Speaking and Listening.
These courses take place twice a week in the afternoons and are combined with general English classes or IELTS exam preparation courses in the morning. 

Reading and Writing

The reading and writing component trains students to produce and respond to complex written academic texts. Topics include

  • Presenting a written argument
  • Structuring various essay types (discursive, problem-solution, cause and effect)
  • Using key academic vocabulary
  • Constructing complex sentences
  • Identifying arguments and supporting evidence from a source
  • Evaluating a written argument
  • Navigating complex extended texts

Assessment is through a series of short written assignments and a final coursework essay.

Speaking and Listening

The Speaking and Listening component supports students’ ability to participate in seminar discussions, give presentations and understand lectures. Topics include:

  • Developing, presenting and supporting a spoken argument
  • Defending an argument using justifying and evaluative language
  • Engaging in collaborative discussion
  • Summarizing key concepts
  • Identifying key points in lectures
  • Note-taking techniques
  • Using visuals in presentations

Assessment is through a series of task-based assessments and a final presentation.