ELC runs Cambridge ESOL exam preparation courses for the Cambridge First (FCE) and Cambridge Advanced (CAE) exams .  These are General English exams which test your ability on the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing, and the systems of vocabulary and grammar.  They are often used on resumes to show prospective employers your level of English, and are internationally recognised.

 The Cambridge ESOL courses will prepare you for the exam, while at the same time improving your English to the required level.  Courses are ten weeks long and take place at fixed dates in the year.  The exams can be taken in March, June and November at one of the local test centres.  Please note, you must be intermediate level to join the FCE class and upper-intermediate to join the CAE class. Please click here for more information on levels. 

Courses are 20 lessons per week and run in the mornings or the afternoons.  

2019 Course Dates

 StartEndExam date
First Certificate (FCE)7 January 20198 March 20199 March 2019
1 April 20197 June 20198 June 2019
7 October 201913 December 201914 December 2019
Advanced (CAE)7 January 201915 March 201916 March 2019
1 April 20197 June 201912 June 2019
30 September 20196 December 20197 December 2019

2020 Course Dates

 StartEndExam date
Advanced (CAE)6 January 202013 March 202014 March 2020
6 April 20209 June 202010 June 2020
28 September 20204 December 20205 December 2020