A Day at ELC

What does a normal day at ELC look like?  What will you be doing every day, Monday to Friday?  In this blog, we tell you everything you need to know about your day at ELC.

Test day at ELC
The school routine is exactly the same every day so that you always know where you need to be. 

The Morning 

The school opens at 8:30am.  At that time, your teachers come in to prepare for the day’s lessons (and have a coffee!).  The first class starts at 9am.  This class is your General English (GE) class and you will usually have the same teacher for this class for about 10 or 12 weeks. If you are preparing for your IELTS exam, you will be in the IELTS exam preparation class from 9am till 11:50am, and then join some others in the Conversation class later. 

IELTS exam preparation at ELC
At 10:40am, we all have a break and you are free to go buy some coffee or breakfast (for those who get up a little late for class).   Class resumes, in the same place, at 11am and your GE teacher will work with you for another 50 minutes. 

At 11:50am, your GE class ends and you change classroom and teacher for Conversation / Speaking Class.  This class focuses mainly on improving your speaking ability.  It’s also nice to have a different teacher for an hour. At 12:50pm, lunch starts.  


Students have 1 hour for lunch and can either go to their residence or homestay to have their lunch.  Or, you could go to Kloof Street, which is only three minutes’ walk away.  Kloof Street has many restaurants and eateries, including take-away shops like KFC.  There is also a shopping centre called Lifestyle on Kloof which has a shop called Woolworths in it, which has very tasty food.  We also have Aunty Fays cafe on campus. 

Food near ELC

The Afternoon

School starts again with the afternoon classes at 1:50pm.  These classes focus on the four skills – listening, reading, writing and speaking, or Business skills.  It is also possible to take classes for Academic English.  At 3pm, everyone has a 15-minute break and then at 4:10pm, all the students can go home. Most of our teachers stay till 4:30pm and then the school closes.   Read our blog, class schedule, for more information.  

Fridays are TEST day.  Every Friday, your teachers will set you a test – either reading, writing, speaking or listening.  These tests incorporate the week’s work and your scores are recorded so that you can see how you are progressing.

We have afternoon classes on Monday through Thursday but on Fridays, class ends at 1pm.  We have graduation for the students that are leaving and then you have the afternoon to go and enjoy Cape Town.  Or have a nap, if you wish, before the weekend starts in earnest.  

The Evening

Sometimes, in the week, we have social activities.  These usually start between 5 and 7pm. And of course, somewhere in your day and night, you will need to do some homework, revise the work you have learnt in class and sleep! 

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