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Business English

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English is the lingua franca of global business

Business English

The Business English course is offered as an afternoon elective to students taking an intensive or semi intensive course.  This course is ideal for you if you mainly need to use English at work or in a business environment.

The course covers a range of business and work related topics, including speaking in meetings, giving presentations, negotiating, email and report writing, networking, making decisions and many more.

The course adopts a learner-centred approach, with the course content adapted to the professional fields and contexts most suited to the learners in the class.

English is the lingua franca of global business

Business English

The Business English course takes place in the afternoons twice or four times a week, and is combined with a Standard course in the morning.

  • Quick Guide
  • Timetable 9.00 to 16:00 (2 or 4 afternoons)
  • Maximum Class Size 14
  • Lessons per Week 25 to 30
  • Lesson Duration 50 Minutes
  • Coursebook Included
  • Levels Intermediate to Advanced
  • Start Date Every Monday
  • Minimum Age 18

Course Curriculum

The Business English course covers the language functions most often found in a business or professional context.

  • Quick Guide
  • Writing effective business correspondence
  • Chairing and participating in meetings
  • Language for diplomacy and negotiation
  • Delivering presentations
  • Writing reports and memoranda
  • Telephoning and video conferencing
  • Describing processes, cause and effect
  • Social English and networking
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Global English

For better or for worse, English is the lingua franca of international business, diplomacy and academia.  The number of degree programmes with English as the medium of instruction is growing, even in countries where English is not the first language.  Almost sixty percent of content on the web is in English.  More and more multinational companies are introducing English as a common corporate language, in a bid to improve collaboration across geographically diverse locations.

Anyone who uses English to get by in their daily life has ownership of Global English, not just native speakers.  Our approach to teaching Business English reflects this reality.

Check out our blog for more on English as a global language.

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The ability to speak a foreign language, and the experience of living, working and studying in another country, are considered important assets in the international jobs market.

Business English develops rapidly as technology changes the way we communicate.  As video-conferencing replaces face-to-face meetings, learners need to adopt new language strategies for effective business communication.

English is now spoken by a quarter of the world's population.  It now belongs to the world and increasingly to non-native speakers - who today far outnumber native speakers.

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IELTS Preparation

Many students choose to combine an IELTS course in the morning with a Business English course in the afternoon on an intensive or semi-intensive course.  The IELTS preparations course is designed to prepare you for the IELTS academic English exams, with focused training in exam strategies and techniques to allow you to maximise your potential and achieve the grade you need.

An IELTS exam score on your resume demonstrates that you have a strong command of the English language in a professional or academic context.

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