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Sound Smarter with Collocations

Need to use Academic English for essays, reports, presentations, etcetera, but finding it a slog? Move over to the fast lane. In this post, we explain what academic collocations are and why they’re so effective in academic writing.

21 Jun 2021

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Academic Vocabulary | Part 1

Only have five minutes to study Academic English? No biggie. Check in here regularly for our bite-size vocabulary series. This post focuses on three must-know Academic English adjectives that convey amounts and influence.

09 Jun 2021

Stronger Topic Sentences

A strong essay flows easily. The reader is guided smoothly from one idea to the next. For this to happen, certain things need to be in place. Always refer to the essay question and answer it directly in the introduction, body and conclusion. Here, I will discuss the structure of the body paragraphs.

25 Sep 2019

Writing Paragraphs

In this blog, I will discuss the structure of a well-written paragraph. By ‘main body paragraphs’ I mean the paragraphs in the middle of the essay, not the introduction or conclusion. First, I’ll talk about writing with the audience in mind. Then we’ll break down a paragraph so that you can see what the structure should be. Finally, I’ll talk about specific language to guide the reader.

30 Aug 2019

How to Get a Good Score in your IELTS Essay (Writing Task 2)

The IELTS essay (Writing Task 2) is about constructing an argument. In this blog, I will specifically deal with Task Achievement (one of the criteria set by the Exam Board) because we often see students who write well, but still don’t achieve the magic 7 for their writing. Mostly, it is because the question has not been answered.

22 Aug 2019