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Bruna on her last day at ELC with her UCT Certificate

Student Stories | Bruna from Brazil

Bruna, who came to Cape Town, with her husband, Guilherme, tells us about her amazing visit to Cape Town and ELC. Here’s a sneak peek: “What has been your best memory in Cape Town so far? (a day, or an event, or a weekend…?) I did different things in Cape Town during that time that I have never done before like jumping from the bridge in a bungy jump, hiking Lions Head, kayaking on a river and many others. But my new friends are the best part of that time. Friends from different countries and different cultures. I hope to see them again and who knows visit their countries.” It’s always about the people!

19 Oct 2018

Easy languages | UCT English Language Centre

Which Language is the Easiest to Learn?

Which language is the easiest (or most difficult) one to learn? We take a brief look at this question and discuss why answering it is not as straight forward as one may think.

01 Jun 2018

English Grammar | UCT English Language Centre

Grammar in the English Language Classroom

Is it possible to learn a language by only focusing on the grammar? In this blog we argue that in order to learn an English that people actually use and will actually understand today, grammar plays the same role as all the other elements! No one aspect of a language is more important than the other, and learners should approach their English learning in a holistic way.

11 May 2018

How can Whatsapp Help you Learn English at UCT?

Is it really possible to learn English with whatsapp? The answer is yes, and we show you how this is relevant at the UCT English Language Centre! A very special shout out to our past students who still send us wonderful greetings from afar!

20 Apr 2018

long distance relaitonships \ UCT English Language Centre

Finding Love in Cape Town

Students from all over the world come to our English school with the intention of learning English, and exploring Cape Town. Most of our students achieve this. But some get the added bonus of falling in love! We have written a blog post in honour of all the love birds at our school, and provide some simple tips for easing the challenge of a long distance relationship. We also highlight all the really amazing things about cross-cultural and -linguistic relationships that share English as the only thing in common.

06 Apr 2018

Learning English Faster | UCT English language Centre

Learning English Faster

Learning a new language can be time-consuming and exhausting, at times. Teacher Luke provides you with 3 simple tips for speeding up your English learning.

29 Mar 2018