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A whale breaching along the South African coast

4 Sizzling Things to do in Cape Town in Winter (according to locals)

Winter. Time to laze on the couch all day and stare at the wall, right? Wrong! Winter is a fabulous time to explore the Mother City. Just read what these proudly pro-Cape Town locals have to say about their favourite winter activities in the mother of all cities.

07 Jun 2021

Two people shop for produce at the Oranjezicht Farm Market

Cape Town’s Bohemian Lifestyle

Cape Town is a cosmopolitan mix of cultures, and it is also famous for its counter cultural lifestyle. Think yoga and meditation, flowing skirts and designer jewellery, vegan snacks, and the healing arts. Check out the vibe in this selection of places and experiences in the Mother City.

29 Apr 2021

Summer vibes in Cape Town

Summer vibes in Cape Town Soak up the sunshine on one of the beaches around Cape Town. If you are out exploring, take a hat and bikini or swimming shorts…

20 Dec 2020

Student writing under lockdown

Student writing under lockdown Respect to the students who spent lockdown in South Africa and embraced the opportunity to study online. They maintained positive energy, supported each other and shared…

20 Dec 2020

A wide picture of Clifton Beach in Cape Town, South Africa at late afternoon in a beautiful sunset. Colorful and satured taken with a Canon 6

Meet the locals in Cape Town

Some students come all the way to Cape Town and stick with people from their own country. We encourage you to go out to explore the city (if necessary, together!). Live and learn and meet awesome people along the way.

16 Dec 2019

Shot of a happy family having lunch out in the backyard

Try South African food in Cape Town

Explore Cape Town’s rich cultural history through its food. Find out about authentic local dishes – from our aromatic curries to delicious desserts. Tasting traditional African, Cape Malay and Afrikaans cuisine is an essential experience on your travels in South Africa.

08 Nov 2019