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Present Perfect Made Easier

What do Rihanna and Present Perfect have in common? Find out in this post, which shares top tips on how to master this tense once and for all with common phrases you can start using right away.

06 Sep 2021

Person opens LinkedIn app on their phone

Get Noticed on LinkedIn

With global members pushing 800 million, LinkedIn is a prime piece of real estate for your personal brand. So why would you build a tiny cottage on it when you can build a Penthouse? One way to do that is by constructing a stand-out LinkedIn Headline.

21 Jul 2021

Woman typing on their laptop

3 Top Tips for a Winning Cover Letter

Let’s be honest. Many of us ignore the poor, neglected cover letter. It’s the résumé/CV’s less attractive, less accomplished sibling. But a cover letter deserves some kudos because a well-written one can go a long way in getting you off your couch and into that interview room. Read on for tips.

10 Jun 2021

Student studying outside

Academic Vocabulary | Part 1

Only have five minutes to study Academic English? No biggie. Check in here regularly for our bite-size vocabulary series. This post focuses on three must-know Academic English adjectives that convey amounts and influence.

09 Jun 2021

Woman interviews a job candidate

Ways to ace a job interview

Well done, you got an interview, which is a great opportunity. This means you wrote a great CV and the company are interested in you as a potential employee. Now, it is up to you to charm them into giving you a job. Here are three ways to make a great impression in an interview.

01 Jun 2021

Woman giving a presentation to their colleagues

Professional Phrases for Presentations

Professional Phrases for Presentations We have compiled a collection of useful professional phrases to help you to present like a pro. Remember the KISS rule: Keep It Short and Simple….

14 Apr 2021