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Brrrilliant Winter Activities in Cape Town

Thinking of spending winter in Cape Town indoors with a hot water bottle and Netflix? Why? When then are plenty of sizzling hot winter activities to get you warmed up.

01 Jun 2024

Teacher Annaelle's TEFL journey

Teacher Annaelle and her TEFL journey

UCT’s English Language Centre is a great place to work and is attracting highly qualified, driven and motivated teachers. Here we interview Annaelle about her experience in this special industry.

13 Jul 2018

Passion Versus Pay | UCT English Language Centre

Passion vs. Paycheck

Aqeelah, one of our newest teachers at ELC shares her thoughts on the TEFL industry and the challenges around money when you decide to pursue a career as an English teacher.

10 Nov 2017

Staff | UCT English Language Centre

Delta – Teacher Jerome Shares his Reactions

Jerome on his Delta Module 2: “It would be a gross understatement to say that Delta Module 2 was a roller-coaster ride of emotions. But it was also a life-changing experience. It made me see the possibilities in my chosen field; made me see myself as a professional, as much as a lawyer or a doctor is a professional. I strongly believe that every practising teacher in ELT should have a Delta (or equivalent).”

26 Oct 2017

TEFL Experience Joey UCT English Language Centre

TEFL: A Life-changing Experience

Joey completed the UCT TEFL course in January 2017. In this post he shares his reasons for doing a TEFL course, what it was like at UCT, and what his plans are for the future with his newly acquired English teaching skills and certificate.

15 Sep 2017

TEFL Adventure | UCT English Language Centre

My TEFL Adventure in Spain

People choose to go into TEFL for a variety of reasons. Some are looking for a way to travel and see the world, while others wish to get into the industry and make a career out of teaching English. Teacher Catherine reveals her motivations and tells us about her adventures as an English teacher in Spain.

05 May 2017

Teacher and MC, Christelle Van Niekerk

Teacher Christelle and her Journey to Becoming an English Teacher

Find out all about teacher Christelle in this interview where she describes how her journey into teaching English as a foreign language began. She also reveals what she loves about teaching English, and what some of the real challenges are in this profession.

23 Aug 2016

Teacher Christelle in Action

Teacher Stories | Christelle

Teacher Christelle uncovers her journey into the TEFL industry and reveals how, ultimately, TEFL has been her calling from early on.

18 Apr 2016