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Student Stories

Top Tips for Cape Town Visitors

In the third issue of ELC’s Student Newsletter, our Advanced English students share their top tried-and-tested tips to make your stay in Cape Town as memorable and enjoyable as possible.

26 Feb 2024

Extra, extra! Read all about it!

Welcome to the second issue of ELC’s student newsletter, written by ELC’s very own English students. In this edition, they share some enlightening tips about living in Cape Town, including must-do activities. They also give us the lowdown on important things to know before your trip to the Mother City.

25 Jan 2024

It’s Q&A time!

In the first of our regular student profiles, ELC’s friendly Diana Cortes Moreno from Colombia answers our questions about living and studying in the fair Cape.

10 Oct 2023

Student Newsletter Edition #1

At ELC, we place a strong emphasis on developing writing skills. We’re pretty proud of our students, who put together the very first ELC student newsletter, sharing their news and views. Check it out here.

13 Sep 2023

Diana, one of our students, made some amazing friends here in Cape Town

Student Stories | Diana from Colombia

We love hearing from past students. We love hearing about their adventures here at ELC and in Cape Town. Diana touched a lot of lives here in Cape Town and certainly made the most of her African adventure.

23 Nov 2018

Bruna on her last day at ELC with her UCT Certificate

Student Stories | Bruna from Brazil

Bruna, who came to Cape Town, with her husband, Guilherme, tells us about her amazing visit to Cape Town and ELC. Here’s a sneak peek: “What has been your best memory in Cape Town so far? (a day, or an event, or a weekend…?) I did different things in Cape Town during that time that I have never done before like jumping from the bridge in a bungy jump, hiking Lions Head, kayaking on a river and many others. But my new friends are the best part of that time. Friends from different countries and different cultures. I hope to see them again and who knows visit their countries.” It’s always about the people!

19 Oct 2018

Diouf in the ELC residence

Student Stories | Diouf from Senegal

The student stories series provides real feedback, from real students – unedited and authentic! Diouf, an Advanced student, here at ELC gave us a few tips, about his time here in Cape Town and ELC. A sneak peak: What is the best thing about Cape Town? “To me, the best thing about Cape Town is its diversity. You get to learn a lot from people from all walks of life, and most importantly, as a learner of English, you are exposed to 3 different accents. At least. Which is not a bad thing.”

28 Sep 2018

Student Stories UCT English Language Centre_Mohsen_Profile

Student Stories | Mohsen from Saudi Arabia

Students are always looking for information about what they can expect if they book a course in Cape Town at ELC. The student stories series provides real feedback, from real students – unedited and authentic! Read about Mohsen’s experience here. Sneak peak: “36. What has been your best memory in Cape Town so far? – Meet the other half of my soul, an unexpected love has kindled.”

02 Feb 2018

Student Stories | Kanon in Front of Table Mountain

Student Stories | Kanon from Japan

Part 3 of the Student Stories Series! Read what wonderfully funny and quirky Kanon from Japan had to say about her time in Cape Town and learning English at ELC!

01 Dec 2017

UCT English Language Centre Cape Town | Student Stories | Galina from Russia

Student Stories | Galina from Russia

Part 2 of the Student Stories Series! Read what our Russian princess, Galina, had to say about her time in Cape Town and learning English at ELC.

20 Oct 2017

Student Stories | Shumukh Alharthi | UCT English Language Centre

Student Stories | Shumukh from Saudi Arabia

Part 1 of the Student Stories Series!
Read what Shumukh has to say about why she chose to improve her English at ELC in Cape Town and what her plans are for the future.

01 Sep 2017

I’m a Brazilian in Africa!

“Everyone has a story. It might or might not be a love story. It can be a story of dreams, friendship, hope, survival or even death. And every story is worth telling. But more than that. it’s worth living.” (From the novel ‘Everyone has a Story’ by Savi Sharma). Read about Bernardo’s story and his English learning experience in Cape Town here.

19 Jun 2017

Experience Cape Town | UCT English Language Centre

My Language Experience of Cape Town

Can a 7-week trip to learn English in Cape Town really make such a difference? Read about Alessandra’s experience and the things that left their impression on her about this magical city and the wonderful people she met along the way.

10 May 2017

ELC | Student Focus Namibia

Student Focus: Ndaambe from Namibia

We chatted to Ndaambe shortly after she completed her 7-week intensive English course with us to find out more about this friendly, ambitious businesswoman from Namibia who runs a successful guest house, continuously educates herself and is mom to three grown children. Read here to find out more about Ndaambe.

22 Mar 2017

UCT English Language Centre Students

Student Stories | Christian Mugangu

A few months ago Christian, from DR Congo left Cape Town and the UCT English Language Centre to return home. He wrote this review for us, which also touches on his story about how he ended up studying English with us, and soon returning! Read about his journey here.

04 Jul 2016

Students at UCT English Language Centre Launch

Student Stories | Mariana Costa

“We are not Africans because we are born in Africa, we are Africans because Africa is born in us (Chester Higgins).” This is what Mariana concludes in her video about her time in Cape Town. Watch and listen to her story about how her experience took on a different shape over time.

30 Jun 2016

UCT English Language Centre Students

Student Stories | Francesca Bastianelli

“I had not given much thought before departure and destination, it has been a spontaneous choice, but nothing has disappointed me in these 3 months, everything has been an exciting surprise. It looked like if what you want something, it can happen in Cape Town.” Francesca, Italy

20 Jun 2016

Pam with UCT English language Centre students and teachers

Student Stories | Pam Augustijn

Pam Augustijn from The Netherlands, a former student at UCT English Language Centre, shares a beautiful and touching goodbye letter she wrote to Cape Town.

26 May 2016

Student Mariana Costa Learning English

Mariana Costa is Loving Cape Town!

Mariana is loving Cape Town and is certainly making the most of it, as you will see in this flipagram video she sent us. She takes us on a tour of her ‘memories-in-the-making’, and we hope you will enjoy watching this as much as we did.

15 Mar 2016