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Life Cape Town

Top Tips for Cape Town Visitors

In the third issue of ELC’s Student Newsletter, our Advanced English students share their top tried-and-tested tips to make your stay in Cape Town as memorable and enjoyable as possible.

26 Feb 2024

Extra, extra! Read all about it!

Welcome to the second issue of ELC’s student newsletter, written by ELC’s very own English students. In this edition, they share some enlightening tips about living in Cape Town, including must-do activities. They also give us the lowdown on important things to know before your trip to the Mother City.

25 Jan 2024

Quick ‘n easy recipes for students

Studying English doesn’t always leave much time for creating extravagant meals. But we’ve got you. With our tips, you’ll be whipping up yummy dishes with minimal fuss and cost. You’ll also pick up some useful vocabulary at the same time. Bonus!

17 Nov 2023

Cape Town on a Shoestring

From animal encounters to action-packed scooter rides, we’ve rounded up a list of bucket list activities in Cape Town that won’t break the bank.

26 Aug 2023

Fun Activities to Boost your English

There are tons of outdoor activities in Cape Town that are not only fun, but a great way to improve your English. Get the full scoop here!

15 Aug 2023

Living in Cape Town: slang 101

Howzit bro! If you had no idea what I just said, and you’re eager to mingle with Cape Town locals, then be sure to check out this post on some useful local lingo.

27 Jul 2023

A whale breaching along the South African coast

4 Sizzling Things to do in Cape Town in Winter (according to locals)

Winter. Time to laze on the couch all day and stare at the wall, right? Wrong! Winter is a fabulous time to explore the Mother City. Just read what these proudly pro-Cape Town locals have to say about their favourite winter activities in the mother of all cities.

07 Jun 2021

Two people shop for produce at the Oranjezicht Farm Market

Cape Town’s Bohemian Lifestyle

Cape Town is a cosmopolitan mix of cultures, and it is also famous for its counter cultural lifestyle. Think yoga and meditation, flowing skirts and designer jewellery, vegan snacks, and the healing arts. Check out the vibe in this selection of places and experiences in the Mother City.

29 Apr 2021

Language Excursions

General English Plus Language Excursions Our new Language Excursions programme , introduced in January 2021, is a collaboration between the UCT English Language Centre and Kurus English. Kurus English developed this…

05 Mar 2021

Summer vibes in Cape Town

Summer vibes in Cape Town Soak up the sunshine on one of the beaches around Cape Town. If you are out exploring, take a hat and bikini or swimming shorts…

20 Dec 2020

A wide picture of Clifton Beach in Cape Town, South Africa at late afternoon in a beautiful sunset. Colorful and satured taken with a Canon 6

Meet the locals in Cape Town

Some students come all the way to Cape Town and stick with people from their own country. We encourage you to go out to explore the city (if necessary, together!). Live and learn and meet awesome people along the way.

16 Dec 2019

Shot of a happy family having lunch out in the backyard

Try South African food in Cape Town

Explore Cape Town’s rich cultural history through its food. Find out about authentic local dishes – from our aromatic curries to delicious desserts. Tasting traditional African, Cape Malay and Afrikaans cuisine is an essential experience on your travels in South Africa.

08 Nov 2019

Group of student volunteers planting tree in park

Volunteer in South Africa

Volunteering is a great way to mingle with locals, work to learn and to make a positive impact on the world. Contrary to the idea that one has to pay to volunteer, there are many ways to contribute. We’ve put together some ideas to inspire you to take action.

18 Oct 2019

Home Away From Home

Moving to a new city, even for a short time, is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. However, not being able to communicate with locals, navigating a town you’ve never been to and coming home to an empty apartment isn’t exactly the experience you are hoping for when you travel abroad. Why not choose to stay with a family to help you make the most of living in an exotic new location?

05 Sep 2019

Five Language tips for your first days in Cape Town

Lions and tigers roaming the streets, native people in loin cloths, buffalo stampedes, riding elephants as a mode of transportation…these are just a few of the things that you will NOT see when you come to learn English in Cape Town. So, trade in your spear and helmet for these tips on enduring your first days in our ‘Mother City’ as a foreign student. 

24 Jul 2019

6 Reasons Why You Should Learn English Abroad

Of course you can lean English in your country, but before you sign up for English lessons at your local language school have a read through the list below of why you should study English abroad…

20 Jun 2019

Top 5 things to do this Silly Season in Cape Town

It’s silly season again – that period when there is a higher than usual number of social engagements because  the summer holidays  have begun, the people are happy, the mood is frivolous and it’s time for summer flings and sun-downers! So where should you go to catch up with your friends and spark up new conversations while soaking up this vibe? We have selected a few or our favourite haunts among the myriad wonderful things to do in Cape Town this summer.

06 Dec 2018