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New Year’s Resolutions & How to Stick to Them

‘Tis the season to be jolly – and then regret it in January. Learn about some common phrases to do with New Year’s Resolutions, plus some handy tips to make sure you stay on-track with yours!

14 Dec 2023

Top Student Questions Answered!

Do you want to know how you can improve your English fluency? How to approach learning grammar? We answer some of students’ top questions about English learning here.

15 Aug 2023

Living in Cape Town: slang 101

Howzit bro! If you had no idea what I just said, and you’re eager to mingle with Cape Town locals, then be sure to check out this post on some useful local lingo.

27 Jul 2023

Fake News Views

Many of us have heard the phrase, “Fake news.” But where does it come from and should we be concerned?

27 Aug 2021

Fast-track your English

We know that learning English can be hard. That’s why we’ve compiled expert tips to help you figure out how to go about the learning process and reach your goals faster.

25 Aug 2021

Person listening to music through a headset

Learn English Through Music

Music is uplifting, energising, and inspiring. Basically, it makes us happy. It’s also a super fun resource that you can use to improve your English.

10 May 2021

Student writing under lockdown

Student writing under lockdown Respect to the students who spent lockdown in South Africa and embraced the opportunity to study online. They maintained positive energy, supported each other and shared…

20 Dec 2020

Student sits on their bed with a laptop learning English at home

Learning English at home: as easy as ABC

Learning English at home: as easy as ABC An A-Z is a comprehensive guide that lists ideas in alphabetical order. Here is our A-Z to make the most of your …

30 Nov 2020

6 Reasons Why You Should Learn English Abroad

Of course you can lean English in your country, but before you sign up for English lessons at your local language school have a read through the list below of why you should study English abroad…

20 Jun 2019

It's easy to learn on your own

5 Ways to Improve your English

Do you want to improve your English? Are you already studying 6 hours a day in a classroom? Here are 5 things to do on your own to speed up the learning process.

16 Nov 2018

Easy languages | UCT English Language Centre

Which Language is the Easiest to Learn?

Which language is the easiest (or most difficult) one to learn? We take a brief look at this question and discuss why answering it is not as straight forward as one may think.

01 Jun 2018

How can WhatsApp help you learn English?

Is it really possible to learn English with whatsapp? The answer is yes, and we show you how this is relevant at the UCT English Language Centre! A very special shout out to our past students who still send us wonderful greetings from afar!

20 Apr 2018

long distance relaitonships \ UCT English Language Centre

Finding Love in Cape Town

Students from all over the world come to our English school with the intention of learning English, and exploring Cape Town. Most of our students achieve this. But some get the added bonus of falling in love! We have written a blog post in honour of all the love birds at our school, and provide some simple tips for easing the challenge of a long distance relationship. We also highlight all the really amazing things about cross-cultural and -linguistic relationships that share English as the only thing in common.

06 Apr 2018

Learning English Faster | UCT English language Centre

Learning English Faster

Learning a new language can be time-consuming and exhausting, at times. Teacher Luke provides you with 3 simple tips for speeding up your English learning.

29 Mar 2018

Maintaining English levels Back Home | UCT English Language Centre

Practising English Back Home

How can you ensure that all the progress you have made during your course is not lost when you go back home? We have summarised some basic tips here for you to use to try and maintain your English level once your course is over.

08 Mar 2018

Learner Styles| Learn English at UCT English Language Centre

What Kind of Learner are you?

Not everyone is the same. And in the EFL classroom, we also recognise that different people learn more effectively in different ways. Discover what type of learner you are in this blog post.

16 Feb 2018

Sean UCT English Language Centre miembros del personal y profesores

Why you Can’t Learn English in a Week

” The truth is that you will spend a lifetime learning a language, even if it’s your mother tongue. ” Teacher Sean explains why you can’t expect to learn English, or any language for that matter fast. He also provides some information on how long you can realistically expect to take to move through the levels.

22 Dec 2017