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Learn Vocabulary

Mistakes Native Speakers Make

As an English learner, it’s normal to feel a little nervous about making mistakes, but in this post we show you how native English speakers often make mistakes too.

21 Jun 2024

Which is more important: vocab or grammar?

English students often want to know what is more important – vocabulary or grammar? In this post, one of ELC’s teachers discusses her journey with this oh-so-tricky question.

30 May 2024

English Idioms about Happiness

It’s International Happiness Day this month, so we’re sharing some common, quirky, and downright crazy English expressions about… you guessed it… happiness!

14 Mar 2024

Confusing English Words

English is full of word pairs that leave students dazed and confused. Check out our post on how to get to grips with one of these duplicitous duos!

08 Mar 2024

How to talk about love in English

March is here, but before we bid February adieu, we thought we’d leave you with some swoon-worthy phrases about ‘amore’ in honour of the ‘month of love’.

01 Mar 2024

Learning English with ChatGPT

There’s been a lot of excitement about how ChatGPT can be used to improve students’ English. In this post, we put these claims to the test.

30 Dec 2023

New Year’s Resolutions & How to Stick to Them

‘Tis the season to be jolly – and then regret it in January. Learn about some common phrases to do with New Year’s Resolutions, plus some handy tips to make sure you stay on-track with yours!

14 Dec 2023

Quick ‘n easy recipes for students

Studying English doesn’t always leave much time for creating extravagant meals. But we’ve got you. With our tips, you’ll be whipping up yummy dishes with minimal fuss and cost. You’ll also pick up some useful vocabulary at the same time. Bonus!

17 Nov 2023

Don’t say this… Say this!

Time to trade in those overused phrases for new ones that will make you sound so much more au naturel in English.

31 May 2023

Money, money, money!

Money… It makes the world go round. So naturally we talk about it pretty often. Instead of memorising lists of vocabulary about it though, we invite you to sit back, relax, and watch a series. Yes, really!

09 Feb 2023

Man on the bus

Getting Out and About

One major advantage of studying English in Cape Town is that you can combine your studies with exploring this famously stunning city. Master the ins and outs of getting around the Mother City with our top tips.

13 Jan 2022

Person holds up three olympic medals

Win Gold in English

Boost your English and feel inspired with 3 phenomenal athlete stories from this year’s Olympic Games.

20 Aug 2021

Student taking notes while studying from a text book

Sound Smarter with Collocations

Need to use Academic English for essays, reports, presentations, etcetera, but finding it a slog? Move over to the fast lane. In this post, we explain what academic collocations are and why they’re so effective in academic writing.

21 Jun 2021

Student studying outside

Academic Vocabulary

Only have five minutes to study Academic English? No biggie. Check in here regularly for our bite-size vocabulary series. This post focuses on three must-know Academic English adjectives that convey amounts and influence.

09 Jun 2021