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The Bare Essentials of Bare Infinitives

Caution: this post contains references to nudity (ie ‘naked infinitives’). Learn what these are and how to use them without suffering from an attack of embarrassment.

21 Mar 2024

Confusing English Words

English is full of word pairs that leave students dazed and confused. Check out our post on how to get to grips with one of these duplicitous duos!

08 Mar 2024

Another year… Other grammar!

Happy 2024 to all our readers! We wish you joy, success, and impeccable grammar this year! To help get your year off to a good start, we explore common mistakes students make with that deceptively simple word: ‘other’.

11 Jan 2024

Learning English with ChatGPT

There’s been a lot of excitement about how ChatGPT can be used to improve students’ English. In this post, we put these claims to the test.

30 Dec 2023

How to, like, use like in English

If you don’t like how confusing ‘like’ is in English, fear not. You’re just one click away from understanding how to use this sometimes unlikeable English word.

04 Oct 2023

‘Murder Mystery’ and Modal Verbs

Welcome to our Murder Mystery Grammar Party, where you get to puff on your Sherlock Holmes e-cigarette (pipes are so 19th century) and solve a movie murder mystery using Past…

13 Apr 2023

Get to grips with the Third Conditional

If you’re a fan of this classic film, or if you haven’t watch it yet, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is a great movie for mastering the Third Conditional.

21 Jan 2023

Second Conditional according to Queen B

What do Beyoncé, the ultra-cool international superstar, and the not so ultra-cool grammar topic, the Second Conditional, have in common? Read this post to find out.

16 Jan 2023

Good Grammar Comes in Small Packages

In this second post in our new series about everyday English blunders, we focus on the small ways you can give your English a big boost.

11 Nov 2022

Present Perfect Made Easier

What do Rihanna and Present Perfect have in common? Find out in this post, which shares top tips on how to master this tense once and for all with common phrases you can start using right away.

06 Sep 2021

Person holds up three olympic medals

Win Gold in English

Boost your English and feel inspired with 3 phenomenal athlete stories from this year’s Olympic Games.

20 Aug 2021

Two women having a conversation over coffee

Quick Tips: How to use the Present Perfect

You have probably studied this tense a few times over but might still find it confusing to use. This is because it doesn’t exist in some languages or it is used differently.

So when must you use present perfect and when must you use past simple?

The present perfect is used to talk about:

30 Mar 2021

IPA | UCT English Language Centre

How to Pronounce Regular Past Simple Verbs

Past simple spelling for regular verbs is pretty easy, right? But, how do you pronounce those tricky endings? Read teacher Catherine’s blog post which provides some great tips and excellent links to help you master the pronunciation of the past simple!

25 Jul 2016