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English At Work

Business English Phrases from Sport

Business and sport have a lot in common – competitiveness, teamwork… and English phrases. So, if you want to “knock it out of the park” at work, check out this post.

16 Jun 2023

Person opens LinkedIn app on their phone

Get Noticed on LinkedIn

With global members pushing 800 million, LinkedIn is a prime piece of real estate for your personal brand. So why would you build a tiny cottage on it when you can build a Penthouse? One way to do that is by constructing a stand-out LinkedIn Headline.

21 Jul 2021

Woman typing on their laptop

3 Top Tips for a Winning Cover Letter

Let’s be honest. Many of us ignore the poor, neglected cover letter. It’s the résumé/CV’s less attractive, less accomplished sibling. But a cover letter deserves some kudos because a well-written one can go a long way in getting you off your couch and into that interview room. Read on for tips.

10 Jun 2021

Woman interviews a job candidate

Ways to ace a job interview

Well done, you got an interview, which is a great opportunity. This means you wrote a great CV and the company are interested in you as a potential employee. Now, it is up to you to charm them into giving you a job. Here are three ways to make a great impression in an interview.

01 Jun 2021

Woman giving a presentation to their colleagues

Professional Phrases for Presentations

Professional Phrases for Presentations We have compiled a collection of useful professional phrases to help you to present like a pro. Remember the KISS rule: Keep It Short and Simple….

14 Apr 2021

A woman stands at a podium delivering a presentation

10 Presentation Tips from US Presidents

10 Presentation Tips from US Presidents These are some presentation tips to help you give an effective presentation in English. Who better to learn from than well-known figures in the…

30 Mar 2021

A smiling person holding their resume

An effective guide to CV Writing

A Guide to Writing an Effective CV “CV” stands for Curriculum Vitae, which loosely translates from Latin as ‘the course of your life’. It includes a brief account of your…

10 Mar 2021

Five Tips for Effective Meetings

A meeting is the most efficient way of sharing information with a team. Or is it? In the past, meetings were extremely formal and held according to strict rules. In my view, meetings have become too informal in recent years. As a consequence, they are long, boring and do not lead to decisive action.

03 Mar 2020

Group of people listening to a presentation speech.

4 Key Tips for an Excellent Presentation

Many presenters feel that they are of utmost importance, because they are in the spotlight. However, if you focus the attention on the audience instead, it is more likely that the presentation will go well.

14 Oct 2019

The Importance of English in the Workplace

Global business has adopted English as its lingua franca – the conventional language to use between speakers whose first languages are different. While these languages have been around for centuries, what makes English as a lingua franca unique is that it is used for this purpose both functionally and geographically.

04 Oct 2019

Writing Professional Emails

If you use English in your job, there’s no way you can avoid sending emails in English. Writing professional emails can be scary if English isn’t your first language. But here are a few tips to help you write excellent formal correspondence.

09 Aug 2019

Impress with your Cover Letter

How to Write a Great Cover Letter

You have about 30 seconds to impress someone and your cover letter plays a huge role in that! We all know how important a good CV is but most of us just dash off a short cover letter and hope for the best. A cover letter is the first contact with a potential employer has and so it’s essential to make a good, strong and positive impression.

07 Sep 2018

Business English UCT English Language Centre

Unlocking Your Potential – Why you should study Business English

“If you feel ‘locked out’ of opportunities at work, UCT ELC may just have the key you need. You see, here at our campus in the shade of Cape Town’s famous mountain, you will find exceptional teachers delivering courses that have real and measurable results.”

16 Mar 2018

Business Meetings Skills | UCT English Language Centre

Business Meetings: Check yourself Before you Wreck yourself

Business meetings can be tedious and before you know it, you have agreed to something you may not have been paying enough attention to, and may not really know what to do now. Here are some key phrases to assist with asking for repetition, clarification, verification, and spelling in a meeting.

26 Aug 2016

Presentation Skills for Business English

Presentation Skills – The Art of Creating an Impact

Most of us have an innate fear of public speaking and giving presentations. But, it turns out, some skills can be learned and teacher Tiaan provides us with some of his secrets from the Business Course classroom. Read here for some great tips on creating a more memorable presentation.

02 Aug 2016