Cape Town

In this section you will find information, tips and stories all about our beautiful city, Cape Town.

We try to cover interesting things to do, places to see and other general information such as the weather in Cape Town, all from our perspective, or those of our international students. 

The ‘Mother City’ has a lot on offer. ┬áBeing such a┬ámulticultural city, you will get to meet many people from all over the world.┬áWith beautiful weather, stunning beaches, oceans, mountains, forests and vineyards, you will find there is something for everyone here.┬á

Cape Town is regularly voted as the best or most beautiful city in the world, or one of the world’s best food cities. The list of awards and accolades are available on the Cape Town Tourism website. We have excellent wines right on our doorsteps, a booming craft beer industry and a budding coffee culture. Cape Town really does offer everything.