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Student taking notes while studying from a text book

Sound Smarter with Collocations

Need to use Academic English for essays, reports, presentations, etcetera, but finding it a slog? Move over to the fast lane. In this post, we explain what academic collocations are and why they’re so effective in academic writing.

21 Jun 2021

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Academic Vocabulary | Part 1

Only have five minutes to study Academic English? No biggie. Check in here regularly for our bite-size vocabulary series. This post focuses on three must-know Academic English adjectives that convey amounts and influence.

09 Jun 2021

Opinion Based Essays | Exam preparation | UCT English Language Centre

How to Write an Opinion Based Essay

Writing essays, especially for exams, requires structure. Teacher Shannon provides some tips and strategies on writing an opinion based essay in this post.

13 Oct 2017

University of Cape Town | EAP | ELC

English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

What is English for Academic Purposes (EAP) and who is this course aimed at? Find out the main differences between EAP and general English courses here, and if this course is something you could benefit from.

01 Dec 2016

UCT English Language Centre | Academic English

Why universities’ Academic English courses should be valued, not vilified

The UCT Director, Simon Harrison, and Ellen Hurst, Senior Lecturer in Education Development at the University of Cape Town discuss the role and importance of Academic English in Higher Education. Harrison believes that ” it offers an opportunity to crystallise the relationship between transformation and internationalisation in a way that can support both South African and international students. It will allow the university to further its internationalisation and transformation agendas at the same time.”

18 Jul 2016