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Fake News Views

Many of us have heard the phrase, “Fake news.” But where does it come from and should we be concerned?

27 Aug 2021

Fast-track your English

We know that learning English can be hard. That’s why we’ve compiled expert tips to help you figure out how to go about the learning process and reach your goals faster.

25 Aug 2021

Student sits behind a laptop on a bed

Master Transition Signals

Transition signals fall into several broad categories. In this post, I’ll be analysing a few key types using texts about well-known figures.

30 Jul 2021

Student takes notes in front of a computer

Paraphrase like a pro

Paraphrasing is the art of putting ideas that you have read into your own words. In this post, we give you paraphrasing strategies to improve your academic writing.

06 Jul 2021

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Mastering topic sentences

Topic sentences are like the road signs that enable the reader to navigate an essay. They guide the reader, helping them understand the direction of each paragraph.

01 Jul 2021