UCT English Language Centre Students

This review was written for us by Christian shortly before he left, and we would like to share his story with you.

“As an employee working in finance and administration department, I realised that I should improve my English because it’s gaining more and more spaces in work places and business.

In order to be up to date with this growing language in my professional area, I began to look for an English language training that can be the best value for money by looking for three aspects: Firstly it must be in English environment with lot of interaction with English speakers, secondly must have affordable prices and thirdly it must be a well-known institution.

My favourite destinations were UK, Ireland, Australia, America and Canada. With these countries, visa process require lot of sacrifice and explanations for people coming from under-developed countries, therefore I couldn’t have enough time for visa arrangements with those countries and I preferred to deal with African Countries. I realised that South Africa was the only African country with English native speakers. I choose UCT ELC [English language Centre] for three mains reasons:
first it’s the best African University, secondly it offers a flexible program without any condition of duration and registration period and thirdly its accommodation are near the campus with other students.

It wasn’t easy to know that UCT organises ELC. As I liked to study at UCT, I make lots of research in his website before seeing a web page of UCT ELC where I found the e-mail address and skype of Simon. I send a skype invitation to Simon, very helpful man, he accepted and sent me more information about the courses and costs.

Although I would like to spend four months at UCT to improve my English, I was available for only one month.  Despite having few time, I notice that my English was improved more than I could expect. This improvement is due to few people in my class with good interaction between students and teachers.

As we were only two students, it was a lovely class. In addition to our usual exercises and homework, our mistakes where usually corrected during the tuition when we had been speaking with the teacher. It looks as a good experience and remaining me my student life 10 years ago. Courses needed to be reviewed at home and reinforce with other online and off line researches. As a University structure, it allowed me to discover other interesting way to improve my english without being in class as I will move to my country where people don’t speak english. Sometime lessons seemed to be for high level but that had allowed me to make more and more efforts in order to reach that bar. I can’t say that I succeeded to all lessons but I’m know convinced that I can.

My aim was successful achieved with qualified and lovely teachers. UCT ELC was better but it can make more than better to become the best not only in Africa but in the World.”

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