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The UCT English Language Centre operates as a unit within the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Cape Town. Students choose to learn English with us because the UCT brand is a powerful and renowned one that students, staff and workers are proud to be associated with.

Here are some facts about the University of Cape Town:

1. It is the oldest university in South Africa.

2. UCT began as a college school for boys known as the South African College which provided secondary and tertiary education.

3. It has six faculties, including Commerce, Law, Humanities, Engineering & the Built Environment; Health Sciences and Science.

4. The Afronaut: Mark Shuttleworth graduated with a Bachelor of Business Science from UCT in 1995.

5. Among its more than 100 000 alumni are the late Professor Christiaan Barnard, the world-renowned heart surgeon, and three Nobel laureates, Sir Aaron Klug, the late Professor Alan MacLeod Cormack and JM Coetzee.

6. The state of the art artificial grass soccer field has been approved by FIFA for training for World Cup teams, according to wikipedia.

7. The titular head of the University is the Chancellor; this is a ceremonial position without executive power. The primary role of the Chancellor is to confer degrees on behalf of the University, and to represent the University to the rest of the world. The current Chancellor is Ms Gra├ža Machel (the wife of deceased president Nelson Mandela), elected for her first 10-year term in September 1999 and re-elected in May 2010.

8. The University of Cape Town is the highest-ranked African university in the QS World University Rankings, the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, and the Academic Ranking of World Universities.

9. In 2016, UCT ranked among the top 10 universities in the world in development studies for the second year in a row.

10. The world’s first international research centre for tackling fungal infections, which kill around 1.3 million people globally every year, has been set up in 2016 in South Africa by the University of Aberdeen in conjunction with UCT.

The University of Cape Town is a university with exceptionally high standards of education. And as is the goal of the university to uphold those standards, we at the UCT English Language Centre continuously strive to uphold those standards in the delivery of quality English tuition. Join other international students like yourself and becpme a part of the UCT community.
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