6 Benefits of Learning on Hiddingh Campus

The University of Cape Town has 6 campuses and ELC is based on Hiddingh campus. Find out more about the benefits of being located on this particular university campus.

University of Cape Town ELC on Hiddingh Campus

The University of Cape Town has 6 campuses: Upper, Middle and Lower campuses, Health Sciences campus, Groote Schuur campus, Breakwater and Hiddingh campus. These campuses are home to different faculties, departments and offices of the University.

The UCT English Language Centre is situated on Hiddingh campus where we share a space with drama and fine art students. This campus is located in the city of Cape Town and is the first and oldest campus of the University.

Here are just 6 benefits of learning English on Hiddingh campus:

1. We are located very close to all restaurants, shops, pharmacies, banks, public transport, hospitals, sports venues, clubs, museums and much much more. All of these things are just a few minutes’ walk away from the campus.
2. We share the campus with drama and fine art students which means this is the hub of UCT’s creativity. We have access to theatres, shows and performances by drama students and art exhibitions and galleries by fine art students.
3. We are based at the foot of iconic Table Mountain, Lion’s Head and Signal Hill with spectacular views of all three of these mountains. In addition, a 10 minute taxi drive will get you to Camps Bay beach.
4. Our student residence is located 5 minutes’ walking distance from the campus in the city centre. Most other UCT students need to take a university bus to get to their campus, whereas our students can walk. This makes it easier to also slip back ‘home’ for lunch where you can prepare your own meals if you wish, for example, or change clothes before heading out on a social programme excursion such as hiking up Table Mountain.
5. If you come with a car to school, we have ample parking space available for you.
6. If you are religious you will find a very large offering of different churches, mosques, and other houses of prayer, etc. available just a few minutes’ walk from your door.

Those of us who have the privilege of working on this beautiful and historic campus love being here. The campus is big enough to accommodate all the different students from different departments and the atmosphere curated by the creative students makes it an interesting and stimulating place to work and study.

If you would like to join us to learn English on this beautiful campus, or to come visit us for a chat, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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