UCT Student Card
To all our students, present and future, do you known the power of your UCT student card?
We have put together a list of some of the great discounts you can make use of simply by showing your student card.

1. Table Mountain
You simply cannot come to Cape Town and miss out a visit up the iconic mountain! Some of you will be brave enough to explore our beautiful mountain on foot, and others will prefer the luxury of the cable car. Having said that, you may have decided to walk up the mountain but feel too exhausted to walk back down. In this case, you can buy a one way ticket too. The power of the student card means that on Fridays, you get to benefit by paying only R130 return, or R70 one-way. The normal prices are R240 return, and R125 one-way. As you know, Fridays there are no afternoon classes so use this time to your advantage and go see the beautiful Mother City from on top of Table Mountain for a great discount!

2. The Two Oceans Aquarium
The spectacular aquarium based at the Waterfront boasts 7 exhibition galleries with big viewing windows. You will be able to see creatures you did not even know were swimming beneath you in the ocean, and some more friendly variations of happy coral fish. The aquarium also has a shark tank, which you can also arrange to go diving in – if you feel brave enough! It really is a must see in Cape Town, and with the magic of your student card you get to pay only R110 (normal prices R150). If you book online, you get a further 10% discount and get to pay R100 only! So, grab your friends and make a plan to visit the aquarium.

3. The Labia Theatre
For our current students, you may have not noticed, but just opposite the main gates of Hiddingh Campus is a wonderful little independent little art theatre called the Labia Theatre. And while some of the movies showing might not be for the regular cinema goer, there are very often some surprising block busters that you would not expect at a theatre like this. The best part about this cinema (apart from the fact that you get a student discount), is the fact that you can take a picnic inside the theatre with you, including your wine and glasses! When was the last time you got to go to a movie with your friends, your perfect picnic meal and some wine!? Prices for students are R40 per movie. If you don’t want to take your own food with, they also have excellent movie and meals combinations for under R100. You can find out more on their website here.

4. Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens
It’s not only spectacularly beautiful, but Kirstenbosch was also the first botanical garden of its kind with the ethos of cultivation of indigenous plants. Spend the day walking through the gardens (including along the new walkways and tree top canopy), exploring the plants and just lying in the sun on the grass soaking up the sun. Student costs are R30 (normal prices are R60 per adult), and remember that you can also spend the day in the gardens before attending the sunset concerts in the evening. Although there are no special student discounts, there are special rates for youth up to the age of 21. Check out their calendar here.

5. Museums (Iziko Museums)
South Africa has many great museums, and you as a student have the opportunity to take advantage of the fantastic discounts. Please check out the Iziko Museums page for the student discount prices for all the museums.

6. Photo Printing
Are you here for a while and maybe need to decorate your student residence walls or make a photo album of your amazing and fantastic time here in Cape Town with your new friends? Well, Orms in the city bowl offers students a 15% discount on printing photos. And it is super easy to order your prints with them. Just send them via wetransfer and within a day you can collect them! Check out seizes, prices and other details on their website.

So, our advice is to take full advantage of your student card. And although this blog post only lists 6 things you can do with it, you should most definitely always enquire at restaurants, tour sites, movie theatres and any other places you go to, if they have special discounts for students. You will be surprised how often you will actually get to use it!
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