UCT Open Day | UCT English Language Centre

Tomorrow, 22 April 2017, the UCT Open Day will be taking place on Upper Campus between 10am and 3pm.

The UCT English Language Centre will be showcasing our English courses and TEFL training at a stand on the second floor in the Leslie Social Sciences Building, so if you would like to pop by, we would love to meet you!

What is it?

Universities and colleges throughout the world host open days to showcase their offerings and the university to potential students, and their parents. In general, it is aimed at young pupils who will be finishing high school within the next year or two and are shopping around for a university/college.

What can you expect?

There will be lost of stands (tables) with people from the departments exhibiting what they do and carefully explaining to people what the subject is about and all the interesting things you will be able to learn. This is the perfect opportunity to engage with department staff and ask them all those burning questions. Are you interested in studying history? Do you want to know the types of lectures you will be doing and the content of those lectures? You may have heard about geology in high school, and you were fascinated, but what does a full degree entail when you study geology?

There will also be a number of talks being held in certain rooms. The programme clearly states what talk/presentation is being held at what time, by whom and in which room, so make sure to get hold of a programme as soon as you arrive.

We believe that an absolute NOT TO BE MISSED presentation is the one by Director of Admissions at UCT, DR. Carl Herman, about applying for admission to UCT. University applications are quite a complex process and require submitting a number of documents and forms. This is your opportunity to find out exactly what these forms are all about, what the submission requirements mean and how to do it all. Other talks and presentations being given will include ‘Degree programes offered in the Health Sciences Faculty, entrance requirements and the selection process’, Choosing a course of study and developing a career’, or careers in Law: why studying Law at UCT makes a difference’.

In addition to the more serious and academic issues being addressed, there will be ample opportunity to find out more about the sports and other societies groups and facilities, as well library tours.

For more information on the UCT Open Day, you can visit their website or download the programme directly here.
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