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CVN: So, Nobs, what’s the story? How did you get started in TEFL?

NX: I finished my degree and I wanted to study something, so I applied and I got into a PGCE course at Rhodes for a year.  I taught for a year nd then I moved and went to Johannesburg.  I was involved in a programme called the Job Creation Trust Programme (JTC), which taught English, French and Tourism.  And sometimes I got a bit bored in the afternoons, so I asked the English teacher if I could help out.

CVN: And who were they teaching?

They were teaching South Africans, teaching English to second-language speakers, and they ran Saturday courses.  So I got involved in that, and eventually I started working there.  One of the conditions for me to help and to teach was that I would have to do a TEFL course.  And that’s how things just sort of fell into place.

And since then I’ve been teaching English to South Africans and English to foreigners.  I moved to Stellenbosch after I got married and was teaching at the University there, and then I moved here to Cape Town a few months ago and started working at ELC.

CVN: So, essentially, you were bored so you went and helped the English teacher?

NX: (Laughing) Well, I enjoyed language – I studied linguistics at university – and I enjoy teaching, so it just made sense.

CVN: But that’s often how it is, you know, I like teaching, what can I teach?  That’s what kind of happened to me too…

So, what do you love most about your job?

NX: Well, one of the aspects is that I haven’t had the opportunity to travel, but with the students I go everywhere!

CVN: The world comes to us!

NX: Exactly!  I depend on them to take me to the different countries.

CVN: That is such a beautiful perspective…

Nobs Xeketwana - UCt English language Teacher

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