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There a number of different types of tourist, and many of us may have fit into one group or another at different times in our lives.
Tourists are classified into groups, depending on their needs and reasons for travel. The most basic definition of tourism is defined as “the activity of traveling to a place for pleasure”.

The more common one’s you will most probably have heard of are business tourists, sport and recreation tourists (like tourists who travel to watch the World Cup), and leisure tourists (those who just go somewhere for a break and relaxing).

Some uncommon types of tourists include health/medical tourists (who go somewhere for medical procedures either because it is cheaper, or because they need a specialist), eco-tourists (those who go somewhere to be in nature specifically to enjoy nature and places untouched by urbanisation, development, pollution, etc.) and religious tourists (those who travel to religious places of significance or who go to attend a religious service, or gathering in a specific place).

We are in the industry of catering to the education tourist. The education tourist goes to a specific place with the intent to learn something, study, upgrade their skills, etc. This can be for anything from weekend workshops, to learning to speak English in another place for a couple of weeks/months.

I suspect that there are many international students who travel to England, America, Canada and Australia to study English, because these are the more traditional options for learning English. And people would not necessarily jump to the idea of choosing Africa as a destination to study English.

Here are some reasons why choosing to do an English course in Cape Town is well worth considering:
1. Cape Town is spectacular! This city is very unique in that the city bowl is nestled between the beautiful Table Mountain and Atlantic Ocean. Not only is the setting stunning, but the landscape is accessible for hiking, swimming, surfing, cycling, and all other water sports. And if you are not up to being active, the immense number of shopping opportunities, eateries, coffee shops, markets, etc. on offer will make sure you are never bored.

2. Cape Town, and South Africa, is cheaper than any of the above mentioned favourite English language learning destinations. Not only are the language schools cheaper, without compromising on quality, but your money will certainly stretch further here than other destinations. The Rand, South Africa’s currency, is relatively weak against other currencies like the US Dollar or Euro.

3. The weather is great! We do have a cold and rainy winter period, but sometimes the most perfect sunny days can be found in winter, and it’s quiet and still and beautiful. Also, there are a number of things to do in winter in Cape Town, and although it’s not high season, it still has a lot on offer. And then there is summer! Summer is high season in Cape Town and tourists flock here to take advantage of the perfect beach weather, and fabulous restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

4. Where else in the world can you go white shark cage diving, go on safari, swim with penguins on the beach, hike up/jump off/cable car up the infamous Table Mountain 10 mins drive from where you learn English, surf, go on an Atlantic Ocean sunset boat cruise, go whale watching, attend a wine/olive/champagne/beer festival, and so so much more?

5. The people are great! South Africans are known for the friendliness and how sociable they are. And if you combine that with the fact that Cape Town is an international melting pot, you will be sure to meet many likeminded people enjoying the many things Cape Town has to offer.

We hope to be able to welcome you as an educational tourist at our centre in Cape Town, where you will receive the highest quality English teaching and join many students from all over the world who are here, just like you will be, to learn English in beautiful Cape Town at the prestigious University of Cape Town! You can choose from a range of different courses on offer such as general English, IELTS exam preparation and business English. 

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