Student writing under lockdown

Respect to the students who spent lockdown in South Africa and embraced the opportunity to study online. They maintained positive energy, supported each other and shared their global perspectives in virtual classes. Here are some stories they wrote.

Bicycle trips by Mamadou Sy
Bicycle trips are a sport for a lot of people worldwide. Four days ago, my classmate David and I went cycling from the residence to Camps Bay. We started to ride at seven a.m. I wore soccer gear because I didn’t have any cycling clothes. During the cycling trip, the weather was cold and we saw a lot of people doing sport that morning. Some people walked their dogs. When we arrived at Camps Bay, we stopped for a few minutes before our return. We finished cycling around nine a.m. Altogether, we rode twenty- seven kilometres! Cycling is good for your well-being despite it being difficult while fasting during Ramadan.

Bicycle trips by David Silva
I appreciate each second when I am riding my bicycle, in a small city called Pirenopolis, in the countryside of Goias province in Brazil. This is because it gives me the sensation of freedom. I see the landscape around me, how beautiful and green nature is, which keeps me calm. Beside the road are enormous flats and green views of mountains and fascinating waterfalls. I look forward to practising my hobby in my country again soon.

A lot of colorful houses by Saeed Ba Geri
Bokaap is in downtown Cape Town, close to the mountain with magic views. Like many historical neighborhoods, it has a lot of brightly painted houses and a unique local culture. The first time I wandered in Bo-Kaap, I admired the gorgeous coloured houses alongside the small streets. I took a lot of pictures at the time of sunset. Absolutely, these photos were amazing and made me feel that I was in a virtual world like in Indian movies.

What I miss under lockdown by Mohammed Khasawneh
I miss my friends in Jordan and in South Africa. Firstly, because we used to do a lot of things together and I spent most of my time with them. Secondly, when I met my friends I learnt a new languages. My Brazilian friend David taught me to say ‘thank you’ in Portuguese. After a few days, I discovered that he stays near to me, so when we finished class we walked together. I went to have lunch at Nandos with my friend Stephane who is from Cameroon/Mali. He taught me how to say ‘it’s delicious’ in French. I really miss going out together to eat and go shopping after class.

In addition, I miss my friends in Jordan because when we met we played cards and had a BBQ in the middle of the night. After that, when I got back home late my father shouted but my mother said, ‘he is still young, it doesn’t matter, he should learn about life’. I hope that lockdown finishes soon so I can meet my friends and go back to class.

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