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Student Newsletter #3

ELC students share tips for Cape Town visitors


Welcome to Cape Town! In this newsletter, we're going to give you very good advice, which has been tried and tested by us, ELC students, to help you adapt to Cape Town and have the best time.

Get out of your Comfort Zone

We all come from different countries and varied cultures, and we understand that you need a bit of time to feel comfortable in a different country, so take your time to adjust but don’t forget to try new things and embrace the great experiences Cape Town has to offer, from shark-cage diving to cultural tours. Just give it a try! Here are some other pointers to help you break out of your shell while here:

  • Even if you are with people from your country, try to speak English so that others can understand you and you can practice your English at the same time! It’s good to meet new people and let others learn more about your culture, and vice versa. Obz Café is a great place for socialising!
  • Cape Town is a vibrant city with lots of things to do, so join a WhatsApp group of like-minded students and go explore! Don't forget to sign up for the many fun excursions organised by ELC's Social Club.
  • The people in Cape Town are very friendly so don’t be shy to ask locals for advice.

Join a Hiking Group or Cultural Tour

Those who work up a sweat hiking in Cape Town (this pic shows Table Mountain) are rewarded with unparalleled views. They may be forgiven for sneaking onto the cable car rather than scrambling back down the mountain.

  • Rather than going on solo hikes, join a hiking group to stay safe.
  • With hiking groups, you can discover more about the indigenous landscapes.
  • Cultural tours are immersive experiences that can help you to get to grips with local culture and the reality South Africans live in. There are many tours available that allow you to explore many aspects of local life, from museums to townships.
  • Remember that physical movement also keeps the conversation flowing!
  • Groups are useful because you will find common interests to discuss with the other participants.

You don't need to go to an art museum to see incredible contemporary art. Many walls in the CBD are adorned with the art of talented artists, including 3D art that comes alive with the touch of a button on your cell phone! Visit for more.


Get a MyCiti Bus Card

If you want to explore the city or even the greater Western Cape metropolitan area, then you should use public transportation. You will need to get a MyCiti Bus card. This card costs R35 and is available at the Spar and many other supermarkets, as well as Clicks stores.  Just load it with credits and then you can enjoy the city very cheaply and comfortably.

A great way to see the sights in Cape Town is on the famous double-decker Red Bus, which has multiple routes around Cape Town.

You should also download the MyCiti app to find the timetables, routes, and real-time positions of the buses. MyCiti Bus is a good deal for those who want to feel the pulse of the city and at the same time save money instead of using Uber all the time. Use Uber when you’re going out in the evenings …. like to First Thursdays😊 This is a fun and interesting event that takes place on the first Thursday of every month. Art galleries, retail shops, restaurants, and bars throw open their doors to the public for art viewings. Visitors walk from one venue to another. The vibe is really cool.  After this, you can officially call yourself a 'culture vulture'!


Compiled by ELC Advanced Class 

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