Diouf in the ELC residence
Diouf recently graduated from UCT’s English Language Centre and graciously agreed to give us some information about Cape Town. He finished his Advanced level with flying colours and it was a pleasure to have him here at ELC as he was always keen to talk to other students and go out on the social programme. Thanks for the information, Diouf! 

1. Where did you get your coffee? Where is the best coffee in town?

I have stopped drinking coffee years ago.

2. Where did you go for lunch?

I used to buy food at Spar on Kloof Street at lunchtime.

3. What do you think is the best restaurant in Cape Town?

In my opinion, The Ethiopian Restaurant is among the best restaurants in Cape Town.

4. How did you get to school in the morning, and back home?

I used to walk as I stayed at The Student Residence on Loop Street.

5. Where did you stay? What’s it like?

I was staying at the Student Residence on Loop Street. On average it’s good, but the living conditions could be improved a bit with regard to the number of times women cleaners clean the rooms (once a week is not enough !).

6. How did you travel around Cape Town in the evenings/at night? On weekends?

On evenings and at night, I always ordered an Ubertaxi, due to security reasons. On the weekend, during the day, as when it was possible I took taxi buses at the taxi rank at the taxi station.

7. What did you do on the weekend?

On the weekends, I had the habit of going to the waterfront, Sea Point, Canal Walk or District Six to visit a friend of mine. I often used to go hiking to TableMountain.

8. What would you recommend for new students?

I would definitely recommend The waterfront and Table Mountain.

9. Where can students buy cheap, good food?

At Shoprite, the nearest one.

10. How much money do you think a student uses on average per week in Cape Town?

Taking into considération my age class, I guess I spent about 1200 Rand per week.

11. What is the best thing about Cape Town?

To me, the best thing about Cape Town is its diversity. You get to learn a lot from people from all walks of life, and most importantly, as a learner of English, you are exposed to 3 different accents. At least. Which is not a bad thing.

Thanks for the information, Diouf!  For more Student Stories, read about Kanon, Galina and Bernardo. If you would like to join in the UCT ELC English language learning experience, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Diouf in his traditional dressClassmates - Diouf and EbrahimDiouf and Nicole in class at ELCDiouf at his ELC Graduation
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