Student Outing | UCT English Language Centre | Students on the Bus
A few weeks ago we decided to go practice our English outside of the classroom – real life English! The UCT English language Centre Management Team decided to spoil students and teachers with a day out of the classroom and a bit of light fun and contextual learning. 

We met at the usual class time of 9:00 in the morning and all got on a big bus! It all felt very festive as if holiday season had arrived. And when was the last you were in a bus with your friends and classmates?!

Even though we had some worksheets to go through in preparation of our visit to Simon’s Town museum, some decided they rather needed a nap…late night in Cape Town, no doubt! 

Student Outing | UCT English Language Centre | Hazem Sleeping
After a short trip over Ou Kaapse Weg, we arrived in Simon’s Town, which is a picturesque town and the home of the South African navy. It is situated on the shores of False Bay. 

Inside the Simon’s Town Museum we listened to a local inhabitant talk about the history of Simon’s Town and especially how it was affected by apartheid. Then there was an opportunity to find the answers to some questions set by the teachers.

Student Outing | UCT English Language Centre | Simon's Town Museum

After the museum, we headed to Boulders Beach walkway to see the penguins!  They are called African Penguins.  Students got some amazing photos…can you spot something odd in one of the photos??

Student Outing | UCT English Language Centre | Penguins
After a lovely walk in the sun, and a nice photo of the male teachers….

….we went for fish, chips and salad at  Boulders Beach Lodge where the food was amazing and they welcomed us with open arms – thanks, Boulders Beach Lodge!

Student Outing | UCT English Language Centre | Teachers at Lunch
All in all a great day was had by all, except perhaps our Programme Co-Ordinator, Juliette,  who nearly had a heart attack when Teacher Tiaan jokingly sent her a Whatsapp message saying we had lost a student.  Tickled everyone that did!

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