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Our teachers all took some time to put together some tips for improving your English via video power points.

In this video, teacher Alex provides English students with some top tips on improving their reading.

Alex starts off with his first tip stating that you should use everything on the page to help you understand what type of text it is and what it is about. There are a number of hints you can use to assist with this such as titles, sub titles, and labelling. He shows us some example texts to display what this means and what you should be looking out for. He also reveals what role prediction plays in helping you with your English reading.

His second tip is about reading strategies. Different reading strategies can be used to improve speed and efficiency in reading, and this is especially pertinent for those of you writing English language exams such as the IELTS. Alex clarifies two types of reading strategies, namely skimming and scanning. In this tip, Alex reveals which reading strategy would be good for answering reading questions English class.

In Tip number 3, Alex goes on to explain how reading for pleasure deserves a different strategy and helps you focus on some things and less on others, so that you can properly learn to enjoy reading in English, without feeling tired and bored and getting the feeling it is work, rather than pleasure.
Many students feel a bit overwhelmed when reading in English because often they encounter unknown words and are not sure what to do with these when reading a text. Alex provides some great advice for helping you deal with these unknown words and shows you that sometimes you can use context to help you before reaching for that dictionary.

In his fifth and final tip, Alex tells us about words that help to organise a text and how authors use linking words to do various things for the text, which guide the reader. Knowing what to look out for and what linking words are directing us about will greatly improve your chances of overall understanding.

Watch the full video here.

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