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Learning English at UCT English Language Centre can be hard work and our students are usually in Cape Town for months before heading back to their countries. To help our students to get the right school/work life balance the school offers a number of social activities which allow the students to explore and experience the social, cultural and historical side of Cape Town.

You can search a number of websites and find a list of things to do in Cape Town but I thought I would save you some time and share some of my favourite places in Stellenbosch with you. Stellenbosch is one of the oldest towns in the Western Cape and is famously known for its wines and fine dining. I love all things food and enjoy a good wine now and then.

In this blog I will share two of my favourite breakfast hangouts and will do a follow up blog on my favourite restaurants and wine tasting hot spots for those of you interested in exploring activities outside of Cape Town.

Stellenbosch is quite a small town with a lot of hidden gems. Taste Bud situated on Renveld Street is one of my go to breakfast hangouts. The service is excellent and the food is of a high quality. They offer a delicious breakfast at a small price. You will also enjoy the cool breeze in the summer if you choose to sit under the historic English Oaks. The restaurant is also open for lunch and the students, cyclists, locals and tourists really enjoy the spoils on offer. My second favourite spot is Tokara.

One of the first wine farms I visited once I moved to Stellenbosch is Tokara. This wine farm has a restaurant and a deli which are both of high quality and offer friendly service. At the Tokara Deli you are met with breath-taking views of mountains and vineyards. There are sculptures strategically placed all around the deli and capture the imagination and eyes of all those who visit. The deli also has a variety of goods on sale including some of Tokara’s legendary olive oil. The burgers are my go to meal even though technically they aren’t breakfast.

Travelling always offers an opportunity for you to practice your English skills as you meet people from different places and backgrounds who are also interested in communicating and sharing their experiences with you. The next time you want to make plans for the weekend think about visiting my small town and enjoy the little gems it has to offer.
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