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It’s spring time in Cape Town! Finally!

I don’t think most people know there is anything special about Cape Town in spring. Most tourists know summer very well, but spring is without a doubt the prettiest season in Cape Town, and offers a lot for tourists, visitors, students and locals.

Because the weather is still making up its mind about temperatures, we still get some rainfall at this time. But, within the blink of an eye the sun can come out and warm your very soul. The combination of rain and increasingly warmer temperatures, together with the sun makes it beautifully green and lush at this time. The spring flowers and new leaves are popping out all around and hiking/walking/cycling are the perfect outdoor activities. With the warmer temperatures and sunshine, there are definitely more smiles around Cape Town. The Cape Townians slowly come out of hibernation and the number of things to do starts to fill up your bucket list and weekend agendas!

If you are planning to come and study with us at the UCT English Language Centre soon and will be here for spring, then here are 3 suggestions of great events, no to be missed:

Learn about whales, see the whales in their natural habitat and have a whale of a time at the Whale Festival in Hermanus this weekend!

Remember the days of watching movies from the comfort of your own car in a large lot with a whole bunch of other cars? Or do you remember those American movies where they did this? Don’t miss this great chance to re-experience the past with a modern twist!

On the 29th and 30th October, you head to Muizenberg with a kite and whole bunch of fellow spectators to watch Cape Town’s home-grown celebration of the kite!

Kite Festival | Mother City Spring | UCT English Language Centre

There are always so many things to do in Cape Town, and as students of English your week days may mean hard work and dedication to learning English with us , but that does not mean your weekends are not there for creating memories and experiencing all that cape Town has to offer.

For some great websites keeping us all up to date on what’s happening and new in Cape Town, check out these guys:

We want you to make the most of your time with us, and can assist you with booking info and tips whenever you need some. Just come and chat to us!



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