How Do We Measure Your Progress here at ELC?

Do you want to move to a higher level? This blog explains how we assess our students' progress. It is not just testing! Testing is only a part it.

Measuring your progress is so important.  We know that students want to move up to higher levels as fast as possible but learning a language takes time.  Our very experienced teachers will help you to progress at a speed that works for you.

How do we measure your progress here at ELC? 

It is NOT only weekly tests or exams.  We use continuous assessment, which means that we assess your language constantly. This means that everything you do is assessed including attendance, participation, homework, weekly tests as well as your writing in your writing book. 

What does Teacher Alex think about continuous assessment?

Teacher Alex, who is very highly qualified, says that continuous assessment is a very valid way of testing because it provides a holistic overview of students’ process. In his vast experience, basing progress on exams only is very misleading.  Students might cram for an exam and then forget everything immediately after the test, which clearly isn’t a great way to learn English!  Or they might be very nervous test takers and do badly in tests, which is also not a fair reflection of progress.

The Weekly Tests

You will also have assessments every Friday. Skills form the base of these tests including reading, writing, listening or speaking. Your grammar and vocabulary is marked within each of those skills.  These are formal tests and teachers record your grade on your own personal mark sheet. 

Writing Books 

Each student also has their own writing book which is continuously assessed  by your teacher. We take writing very seriously here at ELC as it is such an important skill.   For more information about how to improve your writing, watch our YouTube video


You will only remember work that you learnt in the classroom IF you revise at home. This is what homework is for.  As a student, repetition is your greatest tool in learning a new language. 

So if you want to progress to a higher level, take part in your classes, come to school regularly, do all your homework, keep writing in your writing book and study for your tests.  Good luck! 

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