Pam with UCT English language Centre students and teachers

Pam Augustijn studied at UCT English Language Centre before embarking on her many other adventures in Cape Town, South Africa and other countries in Africa. She has shared a touching letter with us that we would like to share with you as she says Goodbye. 

Cape Town, it’s been to good! The city full of wonders. The diversity from Oceans to Mountain, wild life, good food, Gin & tonics,Markets, the endless adventures and the most wonderful people. From skydiving, bungeejumping and shark cadge diving to sleeping on Table Mountain. From the beginning, Cape Town felt like a home to me. I never had the feeling that I felt unsafe. The first part of my stay I Studied at UCT Language Centre. I learned a lot about the culture of Cape Town. The course improved my English a lot. The second part of my stay I worked as a volunteer at Ikhaya Lethembe. I helped the children with the homework, made food and play games with them. It felt really grateful to do this. In the meantime I traveled to Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana. I did the Gardenroute and had some awesome weekend trips. Living in a student house with 12 rooms and a lot of students from all over the world was the best decision I made. The goodbyes were one of the hardest parts. Cape Town opened my minded and I have lived out of my comfort zone. It opened not only my eyes, but of all of my friends. The best time of your life, will be in Cape Town!

Pam Augustijn,
The Netherlands”

Pam, from all of us at UCT English Language Centre, we thank you for choosing to study with us and for visiting whenever you had a chance after your studies were finished and you were doing so many exciting things. We wish you the very best for a bight and wonderful future and hope you will come and visit us again soon!

Pam and Teacher Christelle

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