Home Away From Home

Moving to a new city, even for a short time, is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. However, not being able to communicate with locals, navigating a town you’ve never been to and coming home to an empty apartment isn’t exactly the experience you are hoping for when you travel abroad. Why not choose to stay with a family to help you make the most of living in an exotic new location?

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Writing Paragraphs

In this blog, I will discuss the structure of a well-written paragraph. By ‘main body paragraphs’ I mean the paragraphs in the middle of the essay, not the introduction or conclusion. First, I’ll talk about writing with the audience in mind. Then we’ll break down a paragraph so that you can see what the structure should be. Finally, I’ll talk about specific language to guide the reader.

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Intro to the IELTS Speaking Paper

The IELTS Speaking paper is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your ability in spoken English. The Academic test is the same as the General training, so for many students this is an opportunity to boost their overall IELTS score. The key here is to make are you are familiar with the format and get enough practice before the exam to approach it in an assured and confident manner.

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